Do You think Goma Fits In This Box?? + Poem Of Goma!

GOMA: Look see! I fits!
KUMA: I still can see your butt...
GOMA: No! I fitz!!! You no see anythin!!!
Goma has recieved a wonderful poem from Steve Dambrosio, I just want to share it with you!! Thanks Steve!!

Being A Goma-Cat By Steve Dambrosio

I am a manly Goma-Cat
I sleep too much, like Soma-Cat
My temper'ment is cool and breezy
My tips are painted Siamesey!

I acted on a TV show
A brighter star you'll never know
Who shines across my Mummy's blog
...But have to share with Syd the dog!

My Mummy is a human bein'
By far the best I've ever seen
But when it comes to loving cats
Her belfry's brimmed with beaming bats!

Woe is he who's got a Mum
Who rub your belly 'til it's num...b
Dress you up in bells and bows
Like you're a girly twinkle toes!

Really!  Why make such a fuss!
My life I wish you would not muss
If I could go my merry way
I'd sleep some fifteen hours a day!

Curled up in my cozy box
Upon a pile of wooly socks
I'd only dream of hunting mice
Wouldn't that be something nice!

But no,  I have to work all day
Pose for photos, or go play
Hide-n-seek with Goma-Cam
Good thing I'm an expert Ham!

But I suppose I can't complain
With so much love strewn in my lane
And I can't blame them very much
'Cause I'm so cute and nice to touch!

And so it is that I must be
The perfect cat celebrity
Who casts his fine and handsome face
Across the World-Wide Webby space

So say hello as you surf by
We'll sing a Goma lullaby
And come back soon another day
I'm just a mousey click away!!

*** The End ***


m.q said...

yay Goma....sweet poem!!!
and hi to Syd and Kuma too...

Roy said...

Great poem. Well, with the subject, what do you expect. :^)

Hi and bye ......

I'm gone .....

Angel and Kirby said...

We thinks you fits in the box. WE no see yo at all. THat is a spiffy poem!

Sparkle said...

You tell Kuma, Goma! You totally fit in the box! Cat Rule #348: a cat can fit into ANY box, period!

I love the poem, BTW!

Gotchi - The Cat said...

Hi Goma, very cool poem. I loved it.

Purrs from Gotchi

Pattyskypants said...

The butt doesn't count for a kitteh. Good poem!!

jmuhj said...

WE don't see a THING, Goma-chan. Your secret's safe with us ;)

As for the poem, it's very, very wonderful -- but what about KUMA-CHAN???

IndyRose said...

Kitties are MYSTERIOUS, they can fit into any box or bag. They also have an invisible button to press when they don't want to be seen. GRRREAT Goma poem too!

Jacqueline said...

Adorable post and great poem!...Goma is such a silly sweetheart!!...xoxo to all 3 handsome boys!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Qish and Rue said...

That's such a nice poem, Goma!

ColourH3AR7 said...

Sooo cute! Awesome poem, Dambrosio.

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