Hope For Japan—So far we sold 33 stickers and $165 for the cause!

Thank you all for all your super positive support on Hope For Japan Sticker campaign! There are more details I would like to share with you on this campain, so everyone is more comfortable buying stickers and where money is going.
  1. The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position.
  2. On April 30th, I will make first donation to American Red Cross Northern Vermont Chapter 29 Mansfield Avenue Burlington, VT 05401-3323I, specific to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief. 
  3. I will do a post receipt of the donation and other related materials to this blog.
  4. I will keep posting the number of stickers sold and the amount of money we raised daily until we achieve the goal on this blog.
So far we sold 33 stickers and $165 for the cause! We will mail out first batch to everyone on March 28th! My goal is 300 stickers and raise $1500, I think it is a great start! I will gather all the proceeds so far and make my first donation April 30th. Thanks everyone for your contribution and support!

Sachie K


jmuhj said...

That is a great start, Sachie-san, and I hope some of the $$ can go to help CATS, too, not only people.

I just looked at the video of Goma-chan eating a moth, and remember my Nikki T. when he first came to us -- he was a kitten outdoors, and eating orange moths. I used to wonder if he did that to make himself brighter in color (orange).

Pattyskypants said...

Bhu and I are proud to support your efforts, Sachi! xxoo Patty

IndyRose said...

Goma is so cute sitting there!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That's a good start. We can't buy any but we did post on the stickers yesterday.

Sweet Praline said...

What a great start! I wish you well in your endeavors!

Goma looks so handsome in his picture today.

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