New Pawsome Sticker Designs+Giveaway!

Thanks for your feedback on sticker designs everyone! They were very helpful! As you can see I decided to go with white instead of pink. I love pink but I thought white is more acceptable(even for guys!) I also added a slender cat version of best seller " I love Fluff" sticker, oh yeah even slender cats are big fluff to us!! Now I have total of 5 stickers at Goma Bumper Sticker Store! Right now, we have very limited quantity of regular "I love Fluff" stickers, especially the transparent one.... To celebrate Valentine's day, we are picking 2 lucky winners a sticker of their choice!

New Sticker Designs at Goma Bumper  Sticker Store:
  • Certified Cat Lady
  • Certified Cat Lover
  • I love Fluff(Slender Cat version)
  1. Visit Goma Bumper Sticker Store by clicking the banner below.
  2. Post a comment answering this question(Comment form is at the end of this post where it says XX Meows.)
          Which sticker will be perfect for you??

Goma Bumper Sticker Store
The dead line for this giveaway is Feb 14th(Valantine's Day)! and will pick a winner randomly using random number picker. 
Thanks everyone and good luck!!


Stephanie said...

It's so hard to choose which sticker would be perfect for me. I love the new slender I <3 fluff one because most of my kitties are slender and it's simple design is puurfect. i also love the certified cat lady sticker because that was my submission on the last sticker giveaway. my cats inspire everything about me including my future career and people often tell me i will be a big cat lady when i'm older. i love my cats and all cats more than anything else. certified cat lady car sticker would be so perfect because i want everyone to know how much i love my furbabies.


Susan Bell said...

Oh, the "Certified Cat Lady" sticker would be so purrfect for me. The hubby agrees with that choice wholeheartedly, and if my name is drawn, that is the one I want.

I do love them all, and plan on getting them all soon. The slender AND fluffy versions of "I Love Fluff" would work for me as well. That would cover all my cats. HA. Wonder if hubby would let me put them on his SUV. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The "I [heart] fluff" transparent sticker would be perfect for me! I have a really fluffy grey kitty and I love him to bits :)


littledaffodil said...

I love the "certified cat lady sticker". : )

Josie said...

Certified Cat Lady would be purrfect for me. Otherwise I Love Fluff would be as well :)


Angel and Kirby said...

We like the slender cat cause we out number the fluffy cat in the house!

akilduff said...

the 'i heart slender kitty' would be good because that's what my fuzzy man looks like!

lizalexlaf said...

I Am Totally The Certified Cat Lady!!!! I would display it Proudly!



Nikita Cat said...

Daddy says he's "Certified" alright!

Hee, hee! ;-D

Tess Gay said...

LOL! I know I am a Certified Cat Lady I choose that one !! Sachie they are all wonderful hugs to you and Goma, Kuma, and Syd <3

Tess Gay


Anonymous said...

we'd like to enter for the I Love Fluff...



MzKittyWhiskerZ said...

I would LOVE to win the "certified cat lover" sticker. :)

Jenna said...

It's so hard to choose!! If I had only one to choose it would be the I love fluff transparent fluffy kitty sticker.


Krystine N said...

Aww they're all so cute! I think I'd probably get the "Certified Cat Lady" one :)

momsbusy said...

certified cat lover!

e.faeth.adopt. said...

as they are ALL adorable, i would narrow it down to the 'certified cat lady ' as we have 4 indoor and shelter 6-7 outdoors currently. yeh, i think that sounds like me : }


Us4 Cats said...

WHOOPS- wrong url above. i will re-enter my cooment under our catblog url, Us4 Cats now for the above post

"as they are ALL adorable, i would narrow it down to the 'certified cat lady ' as we have 4 indoor and shelter 6-7 outdoors currently. yeh, i think that sounds like me : } "


Macmusic@vol.com said...

I love the transparent "I Love Fluff" sticker because my rescue friends have always called me the "Longhair Lady". That's a double entendre because longhaired cats are my favorite( currently have Persian, Himmie, and 3 Maine Coons) , and I have hair below my waist. The transparent Fluff sticker would look elegant on my silver Sonata!

KnottedFingers said...

It's so hard to choose but I think the I <3 Fluff one would be the one for me. I love fluffy kitties. I own a Maine Coon who I adore.

Jennifer Banks said...

I just bought   car stickers for my bumper. I love these stickers, it would be hard to choose!

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