Goma Gets A Job At Department Store Catoon By Sachie

SACHIE: Goma... you are something else.
GOMA: I don't know why they fired me. I is good workers!!
SACHIE: Well, you were mean to the customers Goma!!!
GOMA: Mean?? I was just being honest.
SACHIE: Well, I know but sometimes you need to lie to make someone happy.
GOMA: Lie?? You tell me not to lie all the time!!!!
SACHIE: That's true...well...ok, you will find a better job next time Goma...don't worry.


jmuhj said...

True, true.

I'D hire u, Goma-chan! Salary 4 LIFE just 4 being Qte! ;)

Angel and Kirby said...

It is a fine line as to when to well the truth and when to make the customer happy

MikeC said...

I can haz DISCOUNT?!?

IndyRose said...

Goma-chan too honest to be a politician!

Pattyskypants said...

Goma, U need job as HOUSE SECURITY! Then U don't hasta LIE! xxoo Bhu

Anonymous said...

Meowkin cheezburgerz!!!Oh yah you wudz haf to lie youd be eatin all of zem and you would tell zem yo hazent made zem and you wouldz get firedz , nah im only explanin meowself!

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