Dyson Animal Vacuum DC25 Review—New Ball Vacuum For Animal Lovers

I have been looking for a good vacuum for pet hair for a while. Well who hasn't if you are multiple animal owner?? I tried show vac®, hand held sweeper, upright vacuum... they all worked just okay. I was starting to get really frustrated... I don't have a patient and time to clean the house with those vacuums because it takes forever to clean. Kneeling down with Shop Vac® was very hard too... So, I asked around the good pet hair vacuum and found this Dyson Animal DC25 so I decided to give it a try. A result?? We used my whole house as a test field! Watch this short video to find out!

3 reasons why I really like Dyson Animal vacuum: 
  1. All Dyson uprights are certified asthma and allergy friendly™(I have a Asthma and my husband has Allergy).
  2. DC25 Animal has washable filters and no bags to buy, so there are no extra costs.
  3. All Dyson uprights come with a five year warranty.
DC25 Animal is available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $549.99.
To learn more about Dyson Animal DC25, visit Dyson home page.

Do you have any great products, tips for cleaning pet hairs? Let us know at our Communiteh section!


Sweet Praline said...

Great job! My mom has a Kirby, which is great, but she says it is so heavy!

Angel and Kirby said...

We have heard from other bloggers that that vac is excellent!

CarmenT said...

We have one. Make sure to keep the filter clean - consider getting a second one because the filter takes quite some time to dry out thoroughly. It's a good vacuum!


jmuhj said...

Very impressive -- I hope it keeps working that way for years! It's too expensive for us, but we hear it's a very good vac. Our bagless vac does almost that good of a job. ;)

Craig & Caroline Hind said...

It looks like you may have just sold us our next vacuum cleaner!

We're moving to Australia in April and will need a vacuum cleaner. I looked and Dyson is sold in Australia too. They don't have the DC25 Animal but they do have the DC25 and the DC25 HEPA. I assume that the animal one is similar to the one with the HEPA filter.

Thanks for this!


Anonymous said...

Its amazing!
But i think in Russia price will be very hight=((((
i will check! thank you!!=))

Anonymous said...

Oh crap....i was right...
in Russia 990$....=((

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