I Love Fluff — Cat Lover's Must Have Sticker Giveaway! Happy New Year!

As a crazy cat lady, I always been dreaming about making bumper sticker that express love for Goma. Well, here it is!! Yes!! This is so pawsome now I can show how much I just love Goma to the whole world!! The opportunity arrived from a e-mail from Megan, who works for a sign company called Build A Sign. Where you can make your own custom stickers. Megan asked me if I wanted to make some stickers for Goma and I said YES! That will be FUN! First, I thought about making a " I love Goma" Sticker but I felt like it was too specific. So I decided to design a sticker that everyone who owns fluffy cat can enjoy.

What is better way to begin a New Year than with this pawsome sticker?? That is why I am giving away 3 lucky kitty lovers a sticker of their choice(Clear or Opaque color)!! This sticker is Goma blog exclusive, designed by Sachie!!


1. Comment answering this question.

What kind of a sticker should Sachie design next (for cat lovers)?
Fill in the blank or write your own description.
I Love _________!!

• Make sure to give us your e-mail address so we can notify you if you are winner.
• Do not put answer to the chat box on the left hand side page.
• Anonymous entry will be ignored(We want to know your name!) 
• Comment form is at the end of this post where it says XX Meows.

That's it!! The dead line for this giveaway is Jan 10th! and will pick a winner randomly using random number picker. Please help spread the word of this giveaway with your Twitter, FB, Myspace etc...so more kitty will have a chance to win!!

Thanks everyone and good luck!!


kimana said...

I think sachie needs to design a sticker that says I love My Man-Cat or I love my Girl Cat.....this way we can pick our gender but if we have more than 2 genders in kitties we can say I love my Kitty family.

Kim C


Jenna said...

i think sachie needs to design a sticker that says I love My Furbaby!

Stephanie said...

I love this sticker so much. I LOVE fluff <3 i think next sticker should be silhouette of cat that says "certified cat lady" so all people can know how much we love our cats. :3


jmuhj said...

"I <3 ALL CATS!" jmuhjacat*at*aol*dot*com

Colin Grinnell said...

I think sachie needs to design a sticker that says "I love meowz"

Colin said...

I am still the one who says
I think sachie needs to design a sticker that says "I love meowz" but now i've added my email!

Krystine N said...

I love the sticker! One of my cats' names is Fluff :) I'd make one that says "I love paws" or something!

AFSS said...

We thinks it should say I Love Cats

akilduff said...

YAY! if i don't win, i will buy these stickers. must have for my car and and friends!

next sticker should be a goma sexy pose. :>

I Love all the fluffs!!!

akilduff said...

oops. thought my email would be my profile name: aprilkilduff@gmail.com

lizzard55 said...

I think sachie needs to design a sticker that says: "I love my 4-legged baby!"

lizalexlaf said...

I think you should make a Sticker version of Goma eating Cotton Candy...I LOVE that one!



Sweet Praline said...

That is so cool! Please enter me!

I love my furchild!

Angel and Kirby said...

I know Goma is a fluffy kitty, but we would like to see one that is a slick kitty that says I love my kitty

Samantha said...

You should design a sticker that says "I love a puff" with a big fuzzball of a cat on it!

These stickers you already made are sooo cute =)


Vanessa Mortensen said...

I love Meows! I love Kitty-Cats! I love Purrs! I love Felines! Go for it, Sachie! Hugs & blessings, Vanessa Mortensen vamortensen@hotmail.com

Lap Band Gal said...

How About: "Crazy Cat Lady"

email: lapbandgal@yahoo.com

Natalie Swagger said...

I think there should be one that says I love my rescued kitty.. or My Kitty rescued me!


Josie said...

Lovelovelove the sticker! Cordelia Joy is floofy :)

I think Crazy Cat Lady would be a fun one. Or Everything's Better With Cat Fur!

pook555 said...

I think you should make one that says "I Love My Furbaby" or "Crazy Cat Lady." This sticker is so cute!! catco22 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

"I love my kittyz!"
"I love my kitty babies!"
"I love sweet fur kittyz!"


Anonymous said...

"I love my kittyz!"
"I love my kitty babies!"
"I love sweet fur kittyz!"


P.S. Sorry i made my last one anonymous.

Missy said...

It still says anonymous.....I put my name at the bottom of both though.

Nina said...

"Cats are pawsome."

Because they totally are. :)

nina dot logansmith at gmail dot com

Terri Gordon said...

"I love floofy kitteh bellehs!"

(I love floofy kitty bellies)

terrigordonusa (at) yahoo . com

littledaffodil said...

I would like to see a sticker with goma in a few different poses, with "love" underneath. :)

MoMo said...

How about
I LOVE kittie-kats


Mar said...

I love this sticker - I must have one!!!
I think Sachie should design a sticker that says "One cat away from crazy cat lady status"

Marg said...

This is such a great idea. You certainly have plenty to make now.
How about 'I Love my Feral cat'

Anonymous said...

how about a sticker with goma in a box saying i love boxes.... i love blue eyed cats... i love persians... i love himis...

have fun with this noreen merten noteman2@verizon.net

MelissaPont said...

Wow I love the decals! So cute!

CheerCoachCora said...

I love my wind thing! (with a picture of a himi of course ;D!)

Peggy's Place said...

I love my purr machine(s)

Hard to beat I love fluff......

Shelly said...

I would love cartoon stickers based on those Japanese Goma dolls (Hina) that your mom made. They wouldn't really be for bumper sticker necessarily but other things like a little sheet of stickers. Happy New Year everybody! Shelly - vonglahn@uwalumni.com

Ginger Jasper said...

The sticker is gorgeous I loe it and would be proud to have it on my car.I think the new design would be good with " I love All cats " Hugs GJ x


Leigh-Ann said...

I love your little cartoon of Goma riding a bicycle, and I'd happily put that on my car. Any cartoon cat is a cute cat!

cynicaldog (at) gmail (dot) com


Jules' mom said...

I like the idea of having a cartoon kitty on it's back with
"I love belly rubs"

I love the stickers! Jules says I have to get some because he know this is him!

Thanks! Terri


humanecats said...

I think we need one that says I love all my furr babies or Save/rescue cats have the biggest heart, I love my save/rescue.

humanecats said...

And of course I forgot to put my email or name.

Ericka T

Humanecats at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...


The Kool~Kittie~Krew

sparkalina2000 at gmail dot com

Admiral Hestorb said...

How about "I love Purrs"


Jordan said...

How about "crazy cat lady","crazy 4 cats" or "my kids have 4 paws" thanks- jmmayton@yahoo.com

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