Goma Hates Cold!!

Do you like snow?? well Syd loves snow so he will run around like crazy, then Goma will look at him like he is insane doing that it is so funny!! This morning I opened the sliding door when Goma was looking outside, the cold air rushed through and Goma shrunk!! His fur went down so much it was so funny. I also like playing pikaboo with Goma, he will hide behind of curtain and waits for me to open it. He acts like surprised every time, even though he knows it is coming so cuteeee!!!!
As all of you know Georgie, Rose's precious kitty have passed away. Rose's husband made this poster to commemorate life of Georgie. So sweet...such a amazing kitty he was... click to enlarge.
I am sooooo excited about Vermont Fancy Felines Cat Show!  January 8 & 9, 2011 - Burlington, VT! I will definitely be there! Let me know if you gonna be there!


Angel and Kirby said...

We agree with Goma that it is too cold outside! We are sending purrs to Rose and her husband. Georgie was a sweet kitty that found a good furever home.

jmuhj said...

The tribute to Georgie brings tears to my eyes, but comfort to my heart because he found his forever, loving home, which all cats deserve, and received the unconditional love and excellent care which all cats should receive. A beautiful tribute and a beautiful photo of a very handsome little lion man.
<3((((((((^^))))))))<3 sweet Georgie

And Goma-chan, you look too cute in that picture, with your little ears flattened, looking out at the snow ;)

IndyRose said...

Fluff and Toby USED to like snow, when they were young they loved to play in it. NOW they like to just look.
Georgie just loved looking at the snow from his warm bed. He will always be remembered!

Sandy said...

Cute blog, and I love your youtubes of Goma.

Sparkle said...

If it is too cold even with all of Goma's fluffiness... then it is TOO COLD!!!

That tribute to Georgie was lovely.

Anonymous said...

i don't think my benny likes cold either must be a himi thing. actual chatted with someone on facebook who bought blankets for her himi who was cold.

have a great time a the cat show they are alot of fun. noreen

Catsparella said...

Aw, Goma hide and seek sounds so cute! The Georgie tribute is very sweet & touching. Purrs and love to his family during this difficult time <3

Sweet Praline said...

I don't like the cold either. After my mom put me out in that cold, white stuff, I wasn't myself for a week.

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