Amazing Himalayan Cats Need Home!

Today, I was surfing PetFinder.com and came across Animal Adoption Montreal Montreal, QC. They have unusual number of Himalayans and Persians on their adoptable pets lists, so I have to find out why. After few minutes of searching, I found out they took in 60 Persians on May 18, 2010 from breeder who no longer be able to care for them! I know it is almost 7 months ago, but they seems to have more cats waiting to be adopted!! I hope I knew about this earlier... They are pure breed, amazing Himalayans and persians... I wanted to get all of them if I could but my house is too small!!  Here are some of them to be adopted Right Now!!

Animal Adoption Montreal
Montreal, QC
E-mail only


A sweet 5 year old tortie point Himalayan, Sassy is one of those cats you just can't stop hugging - literally! She loves to get up on your shoulder and lie there with her belly purring against your ear. Along with Pekoe she is our cuddliest cat. What a perfect half painted face? She came to us because she had contracted a cold at the shelter. Now healthy and ready for a new home this sweet and affectionate kitty just wants you to cuddle her all day long.


Please contact them regarding this cat;

Fergie is a grey female Persian. She has a very sweet and calm nature and loves to attract your attention by tapping you on your leg if you are visiting with her roomates and not paying attention to her. She did come to us from a shelter with a terrible cold but is doing just fine now and loving the fact that we can pet her...her original coat was sooooo badly matted when she arrived it had to be completly shaved to let her move!

Beth (Bethlehem)
Animal Adoption Montreal
Montreal, QC
E-mail only


Beth (short for Bethlehem) came to us at Christmas time. She was a stray, very nervous of everyone, who hid in her cage and pulled away from human contact. In just a couple of weeks Beth has become calmer and bolder. She loves to be loved, seeking out your attention with her innocent face looking up at you. Beth is friendly to other cats and needs a peaceful home where she can really shine.


Laila and Minchie said...

Each time I was looking (when I adopted Laila and Minchie) I tried finding a Himmie to adopt but there were none close by. In my opinion, they are THE best breed. So affectionate, playful and sweet, but very high maintenance. But that never bothered me.

Hi Goma!

Natalie said...

OMG! I'm almost glad I don't live closer or I would be sooo tempted to adopt another one and I sadly, also lack the room for more cats. They look amazing though and deserve the best. Poor babies.

Sparkle said...

Poor kitties! I'm glad you are bringing them to our attention, Goma and Sachie!

Sweet Praline said...

Mom Paula - I'm with Laila and Minchie's mom. I just love the Himmies. If Praline weren't a senior kitty and always been an only kitty, I'd have another! We also don't have many Himmies/Persians down here.

Pattyskypants said...

OMG! They are so kewt, someone will surely adopt them! xxoo Patty

jmuhj said...

THANK YOU for networking these sweet cats, Sachie-san! There is a desperate need for loving, forever homes for ALL cats, purebred and otherwise. Everyone who can, please, PLEASE adopt for life.

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