Goma Can Has Holiday Gifts!

SACHIE: You know what not everything we recieve isn't yours Goma.
GOMA: Noz!! maine is maine, yours iz mine!!! Evertyin is mine!!!
SACHIE: OMGOMA, you are sure not getting anything from that box.

Thanks ant Catherine for sending us such a wonderful gift!! we love you!!
We just hosted 6 months of WBCL litter giveaway and the winner Iris has wonderful story of her 7 stray cats to share! I posted her story and pictures of her cats on New Communiteh section!
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kimana said...

Goma chan....... off the food, and sachie is right not everything is yours!

Angel and Kirby said...

WHat? Not every thing is yours! Who ever heard of that!

m.q said...

its Sachie's Goma

Cat said...

lol! I can't believe he sat on it. I'm glad he's feeling better. Perhaps you can share some of them with Goma.

Sweet Praline said...

Isn't everything that comes in the house belong to the kitties?

Sparkle said...

Goma, somehow I think that this is not fair. Even if it is "human food," you should still get some.

jmuhj said...

I spy with my little eye -- soba in the box yum!!!

But Sachie-san, how could you resist such a cute box-topper? >^^< There must be SOMETHING in there for such an adorable GOMA-CHAN?!!

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