Junie, The Cat Against The Whole World Update, 12.10.10

Hai everyone! We finally have a Junie update! For those who doesn't know Junie, she has been rescued by Lee, and she has rare allergy basically she is severely allergic to everything outside. She has been licking her stomach so much that it is raw, she has asthma as well. We still don't know exactly what cause these and how to cure her.... Thanks everyone for asking about her. Also thanks for all your support and prayers, it really made a lot of difference in their lives! Ok here is Lee's update!
Hi Everybody,

Thank you for all the prayers for Junie and asking about her. I know its been a long while since you last read an update. But I am here to tell you, for now she is doing better.  Perhaps its the winter and everything is dead outside - no molds or pollen etc..

 About two three weeks ago we started her on Cyclosporine or Atopica. Which has to be monitored at some point with blood tests. She is still scratching and licking - but not obsessively.
I did find some fleas on me and cleaned the house and laundered EVERYTHING. I have used the Tiny Tim soap on her - We love it! Thank you Thank you!  I have not seen any since -but that does not mean much those puppies work fast-they could have laid their eggs all over this house in 48 hours. But her tummy is still really swollen and hangs low and continues to be in the healing process. 

We took her off the Clomacalm (OCD medicine) and antibiotic a week after she started with the cyclosporine. I strongly feel that I should have weened her off the COD medicine instead of cutting her off cold turkey - because she did get sick within 48 hours of taking her off it.  Its just like with people. But the Dr. was certain it would be ok.  So she was sick for a few days and  vomiting, then we went through a period where she refused to eat for about a week- again the week we put her on the Cyclosporine. So I was really worried. She still to this day will not eat the Rabbit kibble which we had her on for the food trial - now its Venison. Probably because she associates getting sick with the food.

Since she has been off the OCD medicine, she as had a lot more energy- mostly at night when I go to bed! Aaarrrggghhh!!! She likes to make a lot of noise running between my bedroom window and the front door - crying to get outside. Its been snowing here so I took her outside a couple of times. She was shaking it was so cold but did not want to go in. Now she realizes its cold and does not seem to want out as much. Who can blame her when its 13 degrees out!

I still think there is something being missed. Her symptoms should go away if it was environmental - this time of year. She is still liking all 4 paws like crazy - slurp slurp slurp- and sleeps a lot.

A few days ago I think she also had salmonella poisoning. I was doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. The garbage bag was on the floor next to me and while I was doing the dishes she dragged the foam tray the chicken came on out of the bag! I saw her and put it back in -tied it up. But what I did not see was that the noise she had made, which alerted me, was her second attempt. She had pulled the white paper off the foam tray earlier -which I didn't notice. Several hours later when I could not figure out why she kept walking in and out of my closet occasionally crying did I figure it out!. She had dragged this paper filled with chicken juice and covered in litter into my closet and had been licking it!!! Gross Right?!! That was thrown out but the next few days she was showing symptoms. She seems better again. I have to keep an eye on her - she is a slick one!
But so adorable.

We've been using Forti-Flora probiotic which she loves and I do too, for her. The Asthma medicine and inhaler is working great. Thankfully we were able to get that for her. I've had to use it less lately. I come home and check on her everyday at lunch time. She is usually sleeping but is always happy to say hello before going back to sleep.

We have been unable to get back down to the Dermatologist- mostly because of my crazy schedule. We were supposed to meet a month after our initial meeting with her but she has been unavailable too quite a bit and I just have had deadlines and meetings out of state every two weeks. So we should be going back down there soon. I may even try for a second opinion.

Thank you again for asking about Junie and praying for her. I will continue to forge ahead with her medical as best I can- things are better right now with the cold weather - maybe it will stay this way. Please keep praying for her and I will keep everyone updated.

Love and Best Wishes,
Lee & Junie  


T said...

Thank you so much for the update!!!! LEE THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for hanging in there with this sweet little girl. You are truly her angel. Just know she is alive only because of YOUR love and dedication!!!!

Sparkle said...

I am SO glad to hear that Junie is better! But like Lee, I feel that there is still something missing, some clue that could help her even more.

Thank you, Lee, for caring so much for this kitty!

jmuhj said...

Agree with friends T & Sparkle, and you KNOW we're keeping up prayer and purrings for our little heroine, JUNIE KITTEN and her wonderful caregiver Lee. FAD can be a lifelong affliction, but Junie can still have a wonderful quality of life, like our beloved Tashi. Once she was indoors-only, she had no more problem with actual fleas, just the dermatitis associated with allergy to flea saliva, which I treated with topical analgesic spray. <3

Sweet Praline said...

Thank you for the update on Junie. Lee, you are definitely an angel to help Junie through all of this.

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