Goma Update + Giveaway Winner!!

Hello everyone, first of all thank you so much for pouring support on Goma! We had so many people e-mailed/Facebook-ed me with support. Goma is truly a lucky cat. Today Goma is little bit better, he still looses balance but not as much, and his eyes are still moving side to side but maybe tiny bit better. He looks like he is feeling better though, today he brush against my feet and purr, wanted me to rub his stomach. I think his medicine is working. He is now out of under the bed as well. He is eating and drinking a little more now which is a great indication that he is feeling better!

I called the groomer today and let them know what happened, and they first said, they didn't clean his ears!! Luckily I saw them cleaning his ears and also they told me when I got there to pick him up, "He will be ready soon, we just need to clean his ears"!! then the owner went ask the girl who groomed Goma and I guess she told the owner she did.

The owner said they need to talk to the Vet in order for them to reimburse me. So I gave them the number to call. I hope they will reimburse me because it was emergency visit, which cost me 3 times more than regular vet. They said they gonna call back but nothing so far...I don't know what to do if Groomer doesn't reimburse me...

I made an appointment with Goma's regular Vet this Wednesday. I just want them to check everything and make sure he is on the way to recovery.


We are announcing the winner of the Hepper Pod today!! Thanks everyone who entered!
The Winner is

Rose R!

Con-cat-ulations! You will recieve either Brown or Green Hepper Pod for Christmas!!

P.S If you haven't entered  6 months of WBCL litter giveaway please do! it ends on 15th!!



Max the Quilt Cat said...

So glad to hear that Goma is doing a little better. Hope he continues to progress each day.

pawhugs, Max

Anonymous said...

great news about goma. i figured he would come out from under the bed. they should pay your vet bill.

take care noreen m

jmuhj said...

Praying and purring continues for sweet Goma-chan! & of course, for JUNIE KITTEN, Georgie, and all needing. <3

Missy said...

I'm so glad Goma's feeling better!
Still praying for Junie!

pook555 said...

So glad that Goma's feeling better and we're still purring for Junie too!!

Sparkle said...

I'm SO relieved that Goma is doing better! My human finds it really terrible that people try not to own up to their mistakes, like the groomers attempted at first. It's better business to take responsibility and make sure the mistake does not happen in the future.

On a lighter note, concatulations to Rose R for winning the fab Hepper Pod!

Sweet Praline said...

Continued purrs that Goma is better soon!

I'd send a copy of the bill to the groomers. In fact, it may be worth the cost of an attorney to write a letter to them.

Anonymous said...

I would point out a few things to the groomers. First, I would call and follow up immediately and ask if they spoke with the vet. If not, I would encourage them to do so immediately. Second, I would remind them that you have a blog that is viewed by many people and you will name them and hurt their business. You can also tell them you will go to a news outlet and get other media coverage. If these tactics don't work then I would get a lawyer to draft a letter threatening legal action unless they pay for the emergency vet visit.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last comment. As a matter of principle, no one should be able to sneak away with having hurt and sent poor Goma-chan to the ER.
Piko and Miru send purrs hoping he gets A-ok soon.

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope Goma gets better soon.

AttieCattie said...

so happeh to see you is feeling a little bit betters, Goma. verreh bad groomers to try and say they did not cleans your ears when your mommeh SAW'D them does it!!! can not believe some people trying to get away wif things like that, especially after they has hurted somebuddy... on a lighter note, concatulations to Rose for winning the Hepper Pod!

Pebbles the Kitten said...

I'm so happy to hear Goma-cat is doing better! My mom never takes me to have my ears cleaned at the groomers now, we go to our vet instead! Feel better soon Goma!


kbryan said...

Poor Goma, I HATE that this happened, and it was terrible that the groomer initially denied cleaning his ears. Grrrr. Please send us the name of the groomer and their email address, and we will start an email campaign regarding your being reimbursed for any charges resulting from their "cleaning". If they give you any trouble at all, take them to small claims court - you have an open and shut case. Be sure and keep a complete record of all phone calls, names, etc.

Will Goma make a full recovery? Sending prayers your way.


The Lee County Clowder said...

To Goma's Meowmee, mostly. If worse comes to worst, you might be able to take the groomers to small claims court. The rules vary from state to state, but the idea is quick resolution of disputes, with little or no lawyer involvement. The claim limits vary, and we have no idea how much Goma's V*T bills will be by the time the dust settles. Something to think about, if the groomers really do just stonewall you. (imagine Judge Judy, without the TV cameras and freaky defendants)

Anonymous said...

Yay Rosie and Georgie!!

We're sending you a Pod tomorrow!



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