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Did you know that pet grooming industries are completely unregulated in the US? It means that the groomer does not have to have a license to groom your pets. I hear horrifying stories about pets dying after or during the grooming process, just google the words "Pet's death by groomers" so many similar cases will come up. In my opinion, the grooming industry is in such a mess. It is just out of control. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to ask questions before you take your pets to the groomer.

As you all know we had such a bad experiences with Goma's groomer. Goma's ear drum was hurt when the groomer aggressively cleaned his ears. Goma was falling to the left and couldn't walk straight. He had a bad anisocoria and nystagmus. Thankfully, Goma is in good condition now but I just can not stop thinking about how to prevent this from happening again. I came to the conclusion that I will groom Goma myself from now on because I simply can not trust groomers anymore.

I understand some people can not groom cats by themselves and choosing a good cat groomer will be very important. Here are some warning signs of a bad groomer that I think are very valid. If your groomer falls in to any of the following descriptions, you might want to run out the door!

1. The groomer doesn't ask questions, or answer questions.

A good groomer should ask you if you want to tour the place, see the product they use and tell you how the procedures are going to be. If they don't, you need to ask them. If they are reluctant about it then walk away. Goma's groomer never offered anything or asked any questions everytime we went in. They just took Goma in and told me to pick him up at a certain time. That is it. We should have known that was a bad sign from the beginning.

2. The groomer's main business is Dogs, not cats.

This is the first sign that you need to look for. Grooming cats requires special skills that are different than dogs. For example ear cleaning!! Good cat groomers know a cat's ear should not be touched. The vet should take care of it because they are extremely sensitive. Even if the groomer's main business are dogs, a good grooming business should have a person who specializes in cats.

3. The groomer does not let you watch your cat get groomed.

A bad groomer will tell you to drop your cat off and pick him/her up after a few hours. If the groomer does not have a place where you can hang around to watch your cat, then something is very wrong. You need to walk away from the groomer.

4. If the groomer tells you "Your cat is very difficult to work with"

A good cat groomer is trained to handle the most difficult cats. A groomer should not make an excuse and blame your cats for their inability to groom your cat. A good groomer knows that cats are difficult, they are not like dogs therefore they should not be making this comment. If they do, that means the groomer is not very experienced and you should walk away.

5. A good cat groomer knows when to stop.

Cats, unlike dogs when they have had it, they have had it. When I went to pick up Goma from the groomer, there were two people handling Goma, holding him down, pulling his tale... It was just terrible to see that. Cats will let you know when they do not want to be touched anymore. A good cat groomer knows a cat has limits and will not force the cat to be groomed beyond their limits. A good groomer will simply say, "Your cat is very stressed right now, it is not good to continue grooming him/her today" and ask you to come back and finish the job some other time.

It is very important that you can trust your groomer because they are handing your precious one. You must go above and beyond to make sure that your groomer is someone you can trust. You must be prepared to walk away from a groomer when things are not right. I hope this post helps you to detect some of the warning signs of a bad cat groomer. Nothing is worse than having your pet hurt by your groomer.

Let's hope someday, the US will start regulating the grooming industry and require all groomers be licenced.


Do you want to add other warning signs of a bad cat groomer? Share them at Communiteh section, under a thread name "Have you had groomer problems?" that way everyone can read it!

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IndyRose said...

SO TRUE, our groomer is very good. Only thing is that they do both dogs and cats. They have never had trouble with our long hair boys, only Fluff does not like that scarf they dress him up with!

Sparkle said...

This is GREAT info! We have never been professionally groomed, and my human would not consider it unless she knew they worked well with cats, and if she could watch.

kimana said...

another warning sign is how does your cat react to the groomer.same for the vet but if the cat hides in your arms or is skittish that is a so no no.....i groom mine and my mom's cat cause the cats trust me....the other thing is how do we know that these groomers praise our cats....like sachies groomer (that she doesnt have anymore); i would ask to be shown certification, and their methods on a toy cat, and ask if they have a cat as a pet. if they have a cat themselves,they might be more aware of how your cat feels and all. but the way important thing i would do is a background check with the manager in that area and ask questions about the groomers background. always ask where they are on the scale of 1 to 10 (like the drs 1 the worse and 10 the best) but its worth it.

Sachie i think you and goma highly agree but others too.

Sweet Praline said...

Thanks, Sachie! I don't get bathed anymore (the vet doesn't recommend it because of my age), but when I was younger, my mom took me to a groomer who had Persian cats herself. She always talked to me and was wonderful.
However, we had to move and my mom knew there was a problem when she went to pick me up and when the groomer came over to us, I hissed!

Mom does all of my grooming herself now.

ML said...

I's been following Goma's horrible "grooming" experience.
I's been groomed at my vet's.
Fanks so much to you and Sachie for getting tha word out about bad groomers.
Love & Purrs,

pee ess: Hope you feel better fast.

Karen Jo said...

Thank you for the great information. I will never go to a groomer because of my feline leukemia, but it is good to know this information anyway. Mom had no idea that pet groomers were totally unregulated.


jmuhj said...

Holding him down and pulling his tail? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Unbelievable!
You have made the right choice by opting to groom Goma-chan yourself from now on, Sachie-san -- only someone who loves him should do this.
Your information is excellent; I can't think of anything to add except that I would encourage people to buy the tools -- buy one good set and they will last forever -- and groom their cats themselves. Bathing is never necessary in cats unless they come into contact with something dirty, or have digestive upsets to the point where help is needed; there are good waterless cat baths you can use, and cleansing towelettes made just for cats ("KittyWipes" is one kind) available at the big "pet" supply stores and probably smaller ones as well.

I would only even think about taking a cat to a groomer if they specialize in cats ONLY. A mobile groomer is another option -- they come to your home and you can request during the initial contact that you be able to observe. Any refusal and you know to not use that groomer.

Feel better, Goma-chan. We love you so much! <3

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I loved our cat groomer, she even insisted on a tour and told us she always has three cats on the tables. That way she can work on one until they don't want it any more then move on to someone else then go back-so one cat isn't over stressed. Punkin loved her so much that when she realised she was going to the groomer (as apposed to the vet) she would start making chirpy noises and when she got into the building and we released her in the grooming area she would run to each person and rub on their legs. Alas, I probably won't ever get another long haired cat because I can't find another groomer that I trust as much with my kitties.

Kat's Kats said...

I've always groomed the various members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde myself and normally have my kids with me so they can learn how to take care of their cats when they are out on their own.

As in, always have something down on the bottom of the sink/tub for your baby to sink their claws into, make sure the water is a wee bit warmer than skin temperature but not too much. Put about two gallons of the same temp water aside to use for rinsing since many cats don't like the sound of running water even if it's a sprayer.

As for nail clipping you must must must be careful not touch the white part of the nail and only clip the clear part of the claw. You may also file rather than clip.

All of Da Boys are short hairs at the moment but I've had some long hairs and have also helped groom a sweetheart who was terribly matted! Her mom & grandmom didn't know what to do for her other than to take her to the vet and get her shaved. I showed them how to work with her and told them to make sure to groom her once a day at least from then on.

Mats are treated just as you'd comb out a 'rat's nest' for a human. Starting from the end, and making sure that you hold the hair about an inch from where you are combing, you very gently comb while cooing and praising your furbaby. It helps if you have someone to give pettings & scritches.

Sometimes you do end up having to cut a wee bit but I try very hard not to do that. My first cuts are always just a wee bit horizontal trying to just loosen the hair so that I can combing it out again because I always believe it's better to save the hair.

And anytime a cat is being groomed they need a rest break before they start to get tired or restless as well as lots & lots of praise and treats afterward. Sorry for the long post but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde rather insisted!!

blest - blessed by Bast; every Feeder with a Cat companion

ukrainian girls said...
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Fairierose said...

There is also the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, there is a search option on their site. They have some pretty demanding standards.

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