Where Is Goma? Q&A

SACHIE: Oh sorry Goma, I was just passing through...
GOMA: Liers!! I see you take pictures!!!
SACHIE: Oh come on, you are not doing anything!
GOMA: Anything??? I is Nap!! I is doing my JOB.
SACHIE: Oh right...you are professional sleeper...i forgot. sorry.
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I am so sad my friend Grant and Rachel's beloved kitty "Ben" has passed away... I shoot this video like 3 years ago of Ben playing with strings...He was 13 year old such a sweet kitty!! Please include Grant and Rachel in your prayers.


Jacqueline said...

Is there room in your box for us, handsome Goma?...We are so sorry to hear about your friend, Ben; sending loud purrs to his parents at this sad time...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

Im so sorry about your friends goma, I send my condoince's.
I love your blog so much! I just wish I would have heard about it sooner!

Tasha and Sparkle

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

I Love you Goma!!! Your the best cat around! The first thing I do when I get on the computer is go on your blog and watch Your Video's! I hope you make a new one very soon! I also really want to see you on the Goma Cam!!!

PS!!!! Vist my blog! And leave a comment I would love that, you or your owner could leave a comment!

Sparkle said...

That was very bad of Sachie, to disturb you like that, Goma. How could she not know the kitty rule about never photographing a cat who is asleep in a box?! I mean, that one is just common sense.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're very sorry your friends lost their cat Ben. Purrs and tail wags.

Angel and Kirby said...

Professional sleeper! I like that title!

We are so sorry got Grant and Rachel's loss

Sweet Praline said...

Hey, Goma! Do you have room in that box for me?

I'm so sorry that your friends lost their beautiful cat, Ben.

Pinkananda said...

Mai mom sez it is not unusual for males to nap and "work" at the same time. She seez it allatime at work. xxoo Bhu

pook555 said...

Yes, we understand too Goma, as professional sleepers ourselves (LOL, meowmy loves that term!!).

We are so sorry for Ben's parents and send our purrs and hugs to them too!

jmuhj said...

<3((((((((^^))))))))<3 Sweet BEN and comforting, healing prayers & PURRS to his family, who WILL reunite with him again, in due time*

Goma-chan, we may have to send you to BOXHAB for awhile. You're starting to look a little like Maru-chan with his box obsession. ;)

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