How To Hold A Cat That Stuck In A Box

TODD: I will get you no matter what Goma!! hahaha!!
GOMA: You and Sachi is annoyz!!
TODD: We just love you but we love you even more when you are in a box!


Angel and Kirby said...

Goma, you are so cute in the box. Todd is one smart person!

Sweet Praline said...

Goma, I think Todd got you on this one!

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

Haha. Your So Cool Goma!!
Love you Goma!


Comment on my blog soon!!!

Sparkle said...

Humans! They never know when a kitty wants to be left alone!

Pinkananda said...

LOL! Goma has figured out to get RIDES from Todd!! Good job, Goma! xxoo Bhu

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

Hi Goma+Sachie!
Its me and Sparkle!
On my blog you were asking about the Cat Wigets. Just click on the "Get Widget" On my blog, its on the bottem of each cat Widget and it will come up a little blox. Click on the Blog Icon and Do what it says after that!! Hope that was
some help! I was so excited when I got a comment from you!~!! Do It again anytime! I will always reply!

Tasha and Sparkle

Elja said...

Today I saw you and your cat on Animal Planet! Those Himalayan cats are so cute! Had to let you know :P
Elja from Holland

Annelie said...

What a sweety!!! soo cute!! hugs from Annelie in Sweden

jmuhj said...

GOMA-chan! You may have to go to Boxhab, you like boxes so much. And yes, Goma-chan in a box is even Qter (is that even possible???) than Goma-chan not in a box. ;) Enjoy your holiday tomorrow, all! ;)

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