Goma Can FIts In Small Cups!!!

GOMA: I is not lying me was so smallZ!!
SACHIE: Oh come on Goma. You are one of the biggest kitty I ever know!!
GOMA: Are you calling me fatz again??
SACHIE: No NO!! I mean you are such a big manly cat, there is no way you could fit in to the cup!!
Yes it is true!! this photo was taken when he was 3 months old. He was runt of the litter and he was smaller than his brothers!!! You wot't believe it now but Goma was once small...
Today I got letter from Ronnie her kittehz are sick!! Please keep them in your prayers!! Ronnie be strong we are with you and let us know how they are doing!!

Hello Sachie. My elder cat, Cllinton, is very sick. We had to rush him to emergency last night. He was in need of a blood transfusion. Losing one of our own is like losing a child to us. Another cat, Fat Cat, is a a beautiful cat we are baby sitting for a friend, and she is also very sick and had to be taken to emergency today. She has sevier allergies. My cats are my babies. We don't have any children of our own. Please ask you fans to keep Clinton and Fat Cat in their thoughts. Ronnie


Sparkle said...

I'm a small cat and even I couldn't have fit in that mug when I was a kitten, Goma!

I will purr for Clinton and Fat Cat!

Angel and Kirby said...

Goma, why would a big strong mancat want to fit in a mug? Someone might want to drink up all your sweetness.

We are purring for Clinton and Fat Cat.

jmuhj said...

WE believe you, Goma-chan! ;) (^^)

pook555 said...

Purrs for Clinton and Fat Cat, we hope they feel better soon!

Gwynny the Swedish Katt said...

Goma u r so cute! :)

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