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Hello everyone! I have a special update from lee on Junie today!! Sorry no picture of her yet, I was suppose to go take photo of Junie then I couldn't...I will next time for sure!! If you would like to help Junie please go to Tip In widget on the right hand side column. Thank you!

Hi All,

Junie and I went to New Hampshire last week Wednesday to see a Dermatologist. It took us three hours to get there and Junie behaved well in the car. The Dr. spent two hours with us. We took Junie's collar off and let her sit in the window while we talked. I could not believe that she only tried to lick herself once in the entire time we were there!

They took a swab of her open wounds and looked at it under the microscope. She found lots of yeast and bacteria-which did not surprise her.  She gave Junie some Royal Canin Rabbit/Pea food to eat to see if she would like it and She did! She wanted her to try the food before I bought an entire bag. She wants her on this food for three months straight and possibly up to a year. She said she has found Duck to have similar components as chicken -which is one of the number one food allergies for Kitties. The Venisen/Duck had pork fat in it plus how many cats take down Venison in the wild. Most cats will eat rabbit. So we are trying the Rabbit food.

She told me any medicine she prescribed that Junie could not tolerate or had problems with -she would reimburse us. She would be calling to check in with us every three - four days and I would need to return once a month for the next three months. I was impressed with the amount of time this Dr. spent with us and She gave me her home and cell so we could contact her at any time with emergencies or questions!

The Dr. had never seen HESKA numbers like Junie's in her 25 yrs of Practice and would consult with two or three other dermatologists she knew around the country. She uses Heska serums a bit differently then HESKA perscribes. That is, she starts with a more diluted vile than HESKA sends out in its kits and felt the serum I had was comprised of several items that were unnecessary and lacking things on the test list that should have been in viles. She initially wanted to start with the injections but after hearing how sever Junie reacted last time-agreed that we would hold off as long as possible. According to her- Cats 90 % of the time turn around after being on HESKA, Dogs 75% and people are far less than that. 

She felt that it was unnecessary to do an Aerobic/Anaerobic test and agreed that we would not return to the HESKA or any pesticide products (advantage, frontline, etc products).   She didnt think she was an OCD kitty but said the clomipromine she was on had antihistamine proporties (or something like that) and was a low dose- so perhaps I double it and give her medicine in the AM&PM  However, she thought it was odd that she was not on Clavacalm which has been directly tested on cats and for animals- we will switch over to this if we continue with the medicine in the future-  She did think Junie was behaving extremely well in her company- So much so she said several times she would love to keep her!

She and her assistant washed off her crusty wounds & legs, gave her a Convenia injection, the first dose of her new medications .... Dexamethasone, Fluconazole.
Here is what each does:

Convenia -Convenia is more than just penicillin. It’s a broad-spectrum antibiotic (in the simplest terms that means it kills a lot of different kinds of bacteria), so it can be used in a wide variety of infected organ systems and clinical and hospital situations. It lasts 14 days.

Dexamethasone -
Anti-inflammatory (especially for joint pain and itchy skin).
Immune-suppression (treatment of conditions where the immune system is destructively hyperactive. Higher doses are required to actually suppress the immune system).
She will be on this for 5 to 7 days then every other or every 3rd day after we speak tomorrow.
Fluconazole -Fluconazole (Diflucan) is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections. Used in the treatment and prevention of superficial and systemic fungal infections.

The Dr. wanted me to start letting Junie outside or at least sit in front of an open window with the collar off if she would not lick herself - simply she wants her to have a better quality of living. Junie has been collar free now for several hours at a time -but still does try to get at herself- and when she does -she digs in deep in just a few licks.
I am super excited she may start to be a somewhat normal kitty- as the weather changes this may be the reason why her behavior is getting better - pollen counts have been next to nothing the last three days but will rise again tomorrow.

She has really enjoyed being in the open window and watching the squirrels on the roof -she tried to join them this afternoon and I had to go and grab her from the ledge! She has been sleeping for about 4 hours now without her collar. But it will probably go back on soon.

Thank you for hanging in there with us & supporting us through these difficult times- in a variety of ways. We couldn't do it with out you. Keep your fingers crossed and we will post some new pictures soon- she is looking better.


Sparkle said...

This is great news! This dermatologist really seems to be sympathetic to Junie, in addition to being a great vet! Paws crossed that all this helps Junie a whole bunch!

Sweet Praline said...

What wonderful news about the vet and Junie. I'm so glad that this vet truly seemed to care about Junie. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Angel and Kirby said...

WE are so happy that the new vet has better ideas!

jmuhj said...

REALLY HAPPY to read this good update on JUNIE KITTEN! The vet seems like vets should be -- caring and concerned about her as an individual. I am mystified as to why she suggested Junie be let outside, though, when it's common knowledge in the cat caring community that indoors-only is best for cats!) Shared on my s/n pages, with message...;)

jmuhj said...

Glad to see the Chip-In looking better today. As ever, we send purrs and prayers from the Left Coast for sweet JUNIE KITTEN and have shared this to our s/n profile pages with message. ;)

ObeyThePurebreed said...

If you are so kind as to add obeythekitty.com to your blogroll, Chairman Meow will make a $100 contribution to help Junie.

Viva Junie!

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