Happy Early Halloween From Goma!

I am doing Halloween early because...you not gonna like this...well, we are going to vacation starting tomorrow through Nov 5th!! My sister is getting married in mexico so we are going to attend her wedding. Sorry I know you gonna miss Goma, but believe me I will too!! I am bringing a lot of pictures of him on my phone so I will be okay for few days... Goma and Syd are well taking care of. Todd's father came all the way from Wisconsin! Thanks Dad! One of the exciting thing in Mexico is meeting Piko! My sister's kitty! I saw her one time like 3 years ago. I will take some pictures of her and posted if I can! So check back with us soon! 


Sparkle said...

Goma, you do NOT look happy! I've heard about having a monkey on your back, but never a squirrel!

Angel and Kirby said...

Enjoy your trip. We will miss Goma.

m.q said...

enjoy your trip to mexico

Rachel said...

omg - so cute!

catsparella said...

OMG Goma!! I didn't even recognize you with your squirrely suit on!

Enjoy your vacation! <3

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

O My Goodness!!!!
Yur Goma!!!!
I say u on TV!!!!!
On Animal Plannet!!!!

Tasha and Sparkle
PS: Comment on my Blog Please

jmuhj said...

ConCATulations to your sister and happy couple plus sweet kitten! Enjoy your trip and safe journeys there and back home to GOMA-chan --and no, he doesn't look too happy in his skwerrel soot -- we have a little brown skwerrel here filled with 'nip! Everyone loves him! ;)

Oskar said...

Have a great trip!

We have a new blog at www.PetBlogsUnited.com that you might be interested in. We'd love to have you stop by.


Patty Skypants said...

Poor Goma!! U is bein' humILLIATED! If mai mom even THINKS about puttin' costooms on me, me gets VERY pissy! Anyhow, Happy Halloween Sqwurrel Face! heee heee! xxoo Bhu

Be nice, Bhu! Maybe Goma likes costumes! Happy Hallowee, Sachie, Todd, Syd and Goma! I will give Goma double kisses for being (a) the kewtest kitteh and (b) the kewtest squirrel! So there! xxoo Patty

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