Halloween Wooly Mouse Giveaway From CattitudeCreations!

Hello everyone! As we approach Halloween, Nikki from CattitudeCreations is giving away 1 Holloween wooly mouse for 1 lucky Goma blog reader!!  This is handmade by Nikki and hand knit with 100% wool and then boil felted for extra durability. Each mouse contains a generous amount of organic catnip to perk up any kitty that comes near! They measure about 5" in length and are very durable. 


1. Check out CattitudeCreations.
2. Come back here and post comment about what you thought about Nikki's products!(Commend is located in the end of this post where it says XX MEOWS.XX being a number of comments.)

• Only USA abd Canada residence only
• Make sure to enter your e-mail address with your comment so I can notify you if you win!
• Please do not post comment on chat box on the right.
Anonymous entry will be ignored. We want to know your name

That's it! I will announce the winners sometime next week so stay tuned!!


Sasha said...

Nikki's cat toys are adorable! Definitly bookmarking her page! Our second little lovey Benny is turning 1 next month! So I'm keeping these toys in mind. <3 Sasha

deborah mix said...

These are great! Wonderful toys for kittehs. Love her photos too. Much luck to Nikki and her kitty business.
Debbie Mix

Josie said...
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Josie said...

I love the toys! I, too, have favorited the Etsy page :D I am going green this year; getting gifties for family/friends on either Etsy or AnimalRescueNetwork. I want to support those who make their goods, or goods that contribute to a great cause. The kitty kids will also recieve a green gift this year!
I love the Beatem Ups! The toys look like *great* quality! And Organic catnip? Yes please!

jmuhj said...

We love these! They make us excited just looking at them. You know us and you know where we are...jmuhjacat@att.net! ;)

Angel and Kirby said...

THose are very fun looking toys! WE like the octopus! and the Pumpkin and the Tomato! OK, we liked them all! angelandkirby@gmail/com

Sparkle said...

Those toys look pawsome! I would love to be entered in the contest... although if I won, Binga would probably take over the mouse and not let me near it.

Goma knows how to reach me. ;-)

Patty Skypants said...

Those is supah-kewt mousies!! Me haz lotsa mousies, so me hopes some poor kitteh wins dis. Today is mai burfday! Me is thurteen! YAY! xxoo Bhu

Yeah, too bad there is no social security for elderly kittehs, Bhu!

Watchu mean?????? Me is YOUNG mancat; not old!

Okee dokee. Whatever you say! xxoo Patty

Laura said...

wow i love these cat toys!!! =^_^= so creative!!! and i cant belive there hand made... my 7 cats would lovvvve this my email is... lauraeatsbacon@gmail.com
hope i win!!

Myra Foster said...

P.kiddy would love designer original cat toys. Have to start my holiday shopping wit handmade in VERMONT fun for kitties.


Barbara said...

Ohohoh! Banjo and Charles really, really want these little orange creatures! How do I know? They said so. Charles said "They look like little Garfield mices." Banjo replied like she knows it all. "I know. I would love to get these. Wonder if mom would charge a few?"

Lizzy said...

I love her cat toys! I've actually purchased a few, and they're really durable. My cats are pretty wild, and the fact that they've made it a year is amazing.


Leecia Price said...

I love Nikki's cat toys, especially the mice and the octopussy. My cat Stormy loves little mice of all (artifical) types and I know he would enjoy one of these so much. And a mouse from Vermont and not China! And hand-made! I'm very excited about the possibility of winning something for my best little friend.
Thax, Leecia & Stormy
leecia _price@yahoo.com

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Those are some cute toys. We like Myrtle the turtle and the mice.

jansfunnyfarm @ gmail.com

Sweet Praline said...

Such cool toys for kitties. I would love to win one of them.


Jessica said...

OMG the are all so cute I wish i could get some for Zeus and Chloe but no money


Jenna said...

I absolutely love the products, especially the hedgehogs, carrots, and tomatoes :)

lizalexlaf said...

These are pretty, Creative ,AND CUTE!!! My Kitties merlot and Bailey would LOVE to play with these!!!!


Tess Gay said...

These toys are not only cute but they are totally original (especially the Mallards which live in a pond near us)Believe me Bubo and Casseau would love to meet them and I think they will soon. The toys are colorful well made for both kittens and full grown cats . Definitely a "safe" toy for unsupervised play while we work. I congratulate Nikki for her talent!!


Ani said...

Ooooh Sachie - you and Goma are such bad bad enablers of all things cool and catty! >^..^< My catz Will & Splash went gaga over Cattitude's toys and MADE me put an Octopussy into the shopping cart, then used their paws to push the PayPal button! These are the most awesome toys I've seen in a long while, lovelovelove them! Thanks for spotlighting Cattitudes on your blog, I have long loved reading about Goma's escapades, he is too much cool catz! Best, Ani

pook555 said...

Ooh, so cute! Our kitties would love these little mice and the store has such cute items like the carrots or the fish toys - catco22 at aol dot com :)

Sarah D. said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the cattitude creations store! Everything looks so cute and well made I just wanted to buy practically everything. ((Some things I wanted to get just for me! Like the frogs, the mallards and the octopuses! Too cute!)) I'm definitely keeping this store in mind for the fellow cat owners in my life :3

Glogirly and Katie said...

We LOVE Nikki's toys! They are so original and clever. They look like something wonderful you'd find at Anthropologie!

Katie & Glogirly

glenn said...

Nigel says the Catatude Creations mice look yummy! he needs more toys so he can leave his big sister April alone, she does not like being tackled. These toys being hand made in Vermont have the quality that a Vermont kitty deserves.


Missy said...

Cute! The cats look like they enjoy them--I'm bookmarking the page and will keep these in mind for my kitties because I'm already started Christmas shopping. So cute! The things--I can tell from the images--are very well made and I know that because my mom is a knitter. So cute! (For like, the 3rd time!)

Luna T. Katt said...

Pawsome toys!!! Luna likes Ssslappy Snakes !! They are so cute and look very nom-able =^_^=


Happy Cat Family said...

Oh wow, we love these toys, specially the carrots! we would totally go vegetarian for those carrots! ok, only for a day, and only for those carrots! But the mousies look yummy too and mousies, we gotta say, taste better than carrots, even for toys!
Meowmy can be contacted by visiting her bloggie!

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