Junie, The Cat Against The Whole World, Report On Her Progress.

Hello everyone. Junie update is here!! For those who doesn't know Junie, she has been rescued by my friend Lee. After Heska allergy test, we found out that Junie is extremely allergic to everything outside. Her allergy is so severe that her vet even suggested to put her down. Right now Lee is trying everything try to save her beginning with Heska injections. This is Lee's update on Junie:

Dear Friends,
I wanted to keep you posted on how Junie is doing. Sadly, she is not well. I do not believe the Heska shots are having a positive effect on her. I am told it is early to tell, but in the last few days she has ripped three patches of fur from the top of her head, two small wholes in her chin, she just tore off the bandages put on her 4 days ago  that cost $50 and has been constantly scratching herself. She is now sleeping on my bed all the time. 

She seems very lethargic after her shots and I asked my vet to find out if  it was a common symptom of the injections. When she called Heska -  she was told the reaction was unusual and should not be occurring. She did not ask any further questions of Hesk and no further information or answers were provided by Heska.

I reached out to Best Friends in Utah, as one of you recommended, by email and phone. I have not received a response although their voice mail states a 72 hour turn around , its been a week and a half / two weeks.  I reached out to my former internal medicine specialist in CA- at VMSG She is to inundated with patients and does not have the time to take on another case -especially one out of state. I also called Angeles medical hospital in Boston again and am hoping they call me back this time. Their dermatological specialist is on sabbatical and has a general practitioner. I need a specialist that is really the top in their field and knows what they are talking about - not guessing.  I cant mess around with general vets anymore.   I really need someone that has worked extensively with cases like Junie's. I can not waste any more money (your money as well) or time.

My vet did not respond to my calls this week- I am at the end of my rope. I took Junie in last week as I believe she is having a difficult time breathing and because she had an infection. As stated above the vet on duty asked minimal questions of Heska and prescribed the wrong medication for her breathing issue. When I called this week to speak to my vet she did not return my calls. When I asked them to send Junie's case file to my former internal medicine specialist back west (who since said she cant take the case)- they were annoyed  and perhaps that is why my vet did not call me back.  Although my vet said she is willing to collaborate with other doctors. Most vets have a network so they can talk to other vets nation wide- I know Cornell vets have this capability and my vet is one of them.

I am desperate for help - I honestly think Junie is worse now than when I pulled her off the street. I am not going to allow them to poke and prod her anymore. They seem to have very little to offer- when asked to research and reach out for solutions - they have made no attempts. I would like to keep with the Heska injections but - Heska will not talk to me directly (that is the law) and my vet does not ask full questions of them and charges me extra to call them !?!??? 

She also has a kidney issue that needs to be addressed. They need to look at them to see what is going on. I suspect that with her body attacking itself the kidney's can not do their job and are being bombarded.   I fear the Heska shots could worsen this condition, although I have asked - again received no answers.  

Junie is very lovable and purrs so loud you would not believe it!  She is an extremely social cat and she lives with a single person who rarely has people over.   She needs to live with a loving family in a Heppa filtrated house or get her outdoor fix.  She does seem down at times but I think that is due to her not feeling well.  The vet is talking about prozac to help curb her obsession with licking.  Im not so sure Im ready for that - frankly - her kidney's are more important at this point.
Thank you again to all of you who have helped out and pitched in. It is a difficult path and I hope we find a solution together soon.

Junie & Lee



Sparkle said...

I am so sad to hear that Junie is not doing better. There has to be someone/ some way out there to help this poor kitty!

Sparkle said...

BTW, I had my human leave a note on the Best Friends FB page about Junie with a link to this page - don't know if it will help but it is worth a try!

T said...

Thank you for the update but this is so heartbreaking. What can we do?!
Is there a better vet you can find maybe? I am so sorry for you and for Junie. Please tell me what we can do :(

jmuhj said...

We are heartbroken! Who is this Dr. Heska? We don't understand the failure to network and the uncooperative manner of these professionals whose work is supposed to be SAVING LIVES. We pray for sweet JUNIE and share to our s/n pages. And we can't understand why Best Friends hasn't responded yet!!! Please ask Lee to keep trying there.

Laura said...

I feel so sorry for Junie i really wish i could donate but sadly i cant :( i hope she can build up the strength to be healthy but that is highly unlikely... I recomend... even thought i really really hate to say it...that she may need to be put down do to her extreme allergies, kidneys, and high maintnence please dont take this the wrong way i just dont want junie to have to go through more aand more pain between the shots and the whole resone shes getting them... again dont take this the wrong way prays for junie God bless her little body

Jennie said...

Poor Junie :( I'm sad she's not doing any better. Unfortunately, I also think it might be time to put her down, especially if she's having a hard time breathing. Sometimes that's the most humane thing to do... Good luck with Junie. I'm sure she's so happy and grateful to have found a wonderful person who loves her as much as you do.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We too are sad Junie isn't doing any better.

Everycat said...

This is very sad. I'm going to suggest that you contact TUFTS University in Chicago yourself. They have an excellent reputation.

There could be a behavioural element to poor Junie's problem. If you contact Professor Nick Dodman at TUFTS he is head of clinical behavioural medicine, and explain all you have done for Junie, he may be able to put you in touch with the right vets to help you. It's just a thought, maybe worth a try to get a foot in the door to some serious help.

There could be hormonal aspects to Junie's problem, not just her many allergies. There's also a condition called Feline Hyperaesthesia which causes this type of self harming too. This is why I sugges you try and contact TUFTS.

Have you spoken to Heska yourself? I don't know of any law that stops a company speaking directly to a user/client of veterinary medicne.

I'm so sorry that you and Junie have been given the runaround by vets who dodn't seem interested. Apathy is so unprofessional and is rife amongst vets when they can't fix a problem and don't want to lose fees by anyone else fixing it.

We send you and Junie love and rumbly purrs

Whicky Wuudler

AFSS said...

Poor Junie, we wishes there was a good vet nearby who could help her and who wouldn't mind asking and answering questions.

We are sending healing purrs. Have you tried contacting Pet Connection Blog http://www.petconnection.com/blog/

Maybe they could help. They are suppose to have a really good vet Dr. Marty Becker on board.

Kat's Kats said...

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and their Feeders send purrs & prayers.

We once had a member named Samantha. She began with an allergy to plastic. We switched to glass bowls but she still would hunt out plastic to chew on. Then she became allergic to fleas. Then to grass... her allergies grew and grew. Our vet, who was wonderful and specialized in cats, gave her cortisone shots. They helped... for awhile. Mind you, this was some time ago and medicine changes all the time.

But the shots stopped working as well and the base of her tail was bare. I called and talked for a long time to our vet. Samantha had been hiding under our bed where no one could touch her. My vet and I and my ex talked about Samantha's quality of life and made the hardest decision you can make.

And as soon as we made it, I went into my bedroom. There was Samantha, in the middle of the bed, purring. She stayed with us all night. In the morning she got into the cat carrier without protest, mind you, she never did that. He also hated cars. She purred on the way to the vet. She despised the vet. Yet, as soon as we got there, she kept purring. We were allowed to stay with her as she slept her last sleep. It's a hard decision. Sometimes you just know. If you are unsure, listen to your heart, listen to hers.

We will continue to pray for the best outcome and send purrs and prayers for you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they're not convenient to where you live but you might be able to get some info over the phone or via email from Texas A&M's veterinary clinic:
They have a great reputation - alot of the specialists in Texas are grads.

I've had friends take their pets to this place also:
Again, it's in Texas but they may have some idea what the problem may be.
Good luck.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Sending healing purrrss and comforting purrrayers to Junie and her beans.

Karen Jo said...

I am so sorry to hear that Junie is not doing better. It's heartbreaking that you are not getting better cooperation from your vet. I hope that you can find someone somewhere who can help Junie.

Tiny Timmy said...

Moki Contacted me about this with the list of things Junie is allergic to. I will send you a bar of Tiny Timmy's Sudz. It is for fleas and allergies. It is very soothing on the skin and also helps with the pain as well & bacteria. It is very moisture rich and soothes wounds. Since she is so allergic to so many things (though nothing listed matched an ingredient in the soap) I would try it on one small area first to be sure she doesn't have a reaction.

Also, I would make an appointment with a holistic vet that does acupuncture. Acupuncture has been incredibly effective against allergies.

Email me your address, or give it to Moki so that I can get you a bar off today.

pook555 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Junie is not doing better - and that your vet is being uncooperative (especially from Cornell, where my vet is from too!!). I believe that the veterinary school in UC Davis can consult on certain cases or maybe can be contacted directly? That could be something to look into. I hope this helps and that Junie will feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Depo shot from the vet? That seems to work the best on mine w/flea dermatitis. i also bought some of Tiny Timmy's Sudz & it works great! There is also some lotion you work into their skin,here is the website. My cats are just nuts when it comes to putting anything on them & they liked this lotion! Very soothing!

Prayers for you and your baby!

Anonymous said...

Kat's kats--
That is so sad....I almost cried (and I don't ever really cry)...
Get well....Get Well!
I'm sorry about Junie...your in my prayers.

yetismith said...

Thank you for the update on Junie. So glad that she may have turned a corner. Bless you Lee for not giving up on this sweet creature. Much love to her.
And lots of love and purrs to Mr Goma the Magnificat.
Carolyn, Thimphu (Flame Point Himalayan) and the gang 10 cats 2 bunnies

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