Goma Is Less Furry But He Is Still Manly!!

SACHIE: Ohh i don't know if it will grow again.
GOMA: Me want hairz!! I is manly man catz me needs manly hairs!!
SACHIE: Oh well... if you stop eating my plants maybe it will grow back...
GOMA: Ohmaigosh~~~! I eat too many, too much plantz already!!!
SACHIE: Well your hair might now come back for a while...
Everyone might already know, Junie's Vet terminated her from her clinic 2 days ago. So Lee doesn't have any Vet for Junie now. I am suggesting her to go to Goma's vet now...Lee told me today that Junie is doing better and her stomach is healing!! She will take picture and send it to us soon! until then I am copy and pasting Lee's massage posted on chat box so everyone can read it here:

Hi everyone. Yes its true my vet terminated our relationship by mail yesterday - which is a good thing. In a nut shell they said that "despite repeated attempts to provide the best ....care and service we are able to offer, we are apparently unable to meet your expectations."Essentially I called my vet after Junie ingested a topical ointment that had salycilic acid in it - Derma-Clens made by pfizer. Pfizer does not test how this effects cats once ingested - vet said it was no big deal - said I was making a big deal out of it. I told the vet I wanted Junie to go a more hollistic route No more chemicals- no revolution, no advantage - just OCD medication and anti-biotics for her infection. 

The vet was annoyed and told me Junie was a very sick cat and should have several more tests -each 175.00 each and Advantage Plus. I am not opposed to the test but told my vet for the momment I cannot afford all of this and do not want to put a pesticide (advantage) on her as well. She said she was waiting on me. So far Junie is healing rather quickly she does still seem to get at a spot or two. But the smelly infection is going away and she is really crusted over. She has also been better with out the Heska shots and less stressed. I know with Heska cats can get worse before better. but lets get her healed up first. She his finally purring and happy to...see me when I get home! 

Just want to scale all the simultaneous meds. so we can really see how individual meds are actually effecting her Mostly my issue w/ the vet is that they were constantly doing one test after another as if she was a pin cushion and had her on too many things at one time to really see how each individual medication was effecting her. 

Secondly, the prices were constantly changing and going up. They would give me free samples then turn around and charge me for them. An office visit to look at her infection was at one time $50 and has gone up to $70 and $80 - that was to look at her belly and prescribe an antibiotic. Does that sound excessive? Bandaging - was sometimes 24$ or in the end $50. And when Junie was in crisis several weeks ago the vet took two weeks to get back to me. We are happy - as they are- for us to move on. Sorry everyone. Just been feeling like the vet has been taking advantage of the situation -more ways than this. Thanks for your support. 



Angel and Kirby said...

Goma, we think your furs will grow back, soon!

Good luck to Junie!

Sweet Praline said...

Goma! Where did your furs go??? Do you want me to come up there and put the bitey on Sachie?

I'm keeping my paws crossed for Junie!

Sparkle said...

Goma, I think your fur looks nice - it is not like they took it ALL away, just the messier parts!

Thanks for the update on Junie - it sounds like a good idea she is no longer dealing with that vet. It really does not sound like it was working out over there, and it was not a good sign that they got upset when Lee asked questions, or suggested doing something different. Paws crossed that the next vet Lee and Junie work with is a much better fit!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad Junie is doing better. Sounds like your friend Lee has invested some major money into helping Junie get well.

Goma, you will always be handsome.

Katie and Da Katz said...

Goma ur tummy am fines. u am silly boy....

Deerest Junie... hopes u gets better vet dat dont charj so mush for ongoin purrblem. dat am bads

we hopes u gets betters furry soon.

purrz, Katie Too

CarmenT said...

Lee, it floors me that the vet wanted to give Junie Advantage. The stuff says it's not supposed to be used on sick or debilitated animals. By her own admission she sees Junie as sick. That vet was no big loss.

T said...

Thank you SOOOO much for the update on Junie. I have so many thoughts about that vet, but most of all I just want to say i'm SO HAPPY that Junie will be seeing a DIFFERENT vet. That Vet seemed really into lots of chemical solutions! And on a sick kitty! I am happy to hear her skin is feeling better. I'm VERY eager to hear how the natural soap Tiny Timmy is sending her will help out!
Thanks again for the update! Junie is one lucky and special kitty that's for sure. THANKS LEE for investing your time, energy, emotion and money in this sweet kitty. We ALL THANK YOU!

jmuhj said...

Echoing T's thoughts (and offering to help Sweet Praline out, if needed ;) ) and you KNOW we are praying and purring here in L.A. for JUNIE KITTEN. When in doubt, I truly believe the natural way is always best, as we all have immune systems and ways to heal ourselves. It sounds like Junie is responding well to stopping all the stuff she was being given (ugh!). I still wonder if Lee has had a response from Best Friends yet??? I emailed her but have received no response. Hope and pray she is being kept indoors-only, where she will not need any flea products. Let her heal!!! <3

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