Goma Has A Visitor

SACHIE: Oh she run away!! You are so mean Goma!
GOMA: Dis iz mai housez! mine!
SACHIE: Goma she was so hungry! You should let her eat!
GOMA: dats mai foodz you give! MINE!
SACHIE: You are so selfish, I told you you need to learn to share!!


Sparkle said...

I would not want a strange kitty on my property and eating my food either, Goma, but I still think you were a little mean!

BTW, my human left a message about Junie on the wall of Best Friends' FB page, and they replied, saying they get 500 requests a week. So it's possible they haven't gotten around to Lee's email yet. Did she use the right email contact, BTW? It is animalhelp@bestfriends.org - just making 100% sure!

Sweet Praline said...

Goma, I must admit that I do the same thing when a strange kitty comes on my porch!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE have learned to share with the two outside kitties that Mom feeds. They are just hungry lonesome kitties!

Anzu said...

Please share with a cute girl's visitor !

jmuhj said...

What a lovely girl, Goma-chan -- I would think you'd be INTERESTED!!! Big manly cat like yourself?! She's beautifully marked...I'm sure hoping you'll share a little of your food with her, and that she will find a loving, forever home RIGHT AWAY...!

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