Junie, The Cat Against The Whole World Update!

Yey! We have Junie update today from Lee!! Junie was rescued by my friend Lee. Junie is allergic to all the Zoutside environment, due to that her stomach is all bloody from her licking herself. Before I get to her letter, I should say thank you so much for EVERYONE for the support! We raise about $850 towards Junie's medical bill since we first started to follow her conditions!  Please see below for Lee's update.
Hi Everyone,
Im sorry its been so long since you last heard from us. I have spent the last three weeks either preparing for meetings or traveling on business. While I was away Junie was at the vet and apparently had a great time. She does not have her vaccinations - as far as we know so she stayed in the surgical area of the vets- actually nice. They let her out every day -all day and I was told she had a great time running around, checking out everything and sleeping on Dr. Kessler's office chair in the sun. They said she was super social. In fact, she had such a good time she hissed and growled the entire way home in the car - and she loves riding in the car. She had healed fairly well but once home, she went to town licking again and pulled her off bandages. So she has licked herself raw again and Im still trying to figure out how to resolve this issue.

The Heska kit finally came in on Monday so Tuesday after work I took her in for her first injection. Tomorrow, Saturday, she gets her second shot. She will receive an injection every 4 days from now on throughout her life. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

They said in three months I may start to see some results. She has been loosing her undercoat which is pulling out with skin scales. Once a day I give her a good scratching and she drools all over the place with her tongue hanging out.

I want to thank everyone that has donated so far and I want to apologize to anyone that has not received an email of thanks in the last three weeks. I'm sorry and I will try over the next few days to respond to your emails. Junie and I appreciate all your help and positive wishes, truly.

Lee + Junie


Angel and Kirby said...

It is good to hear from Junie!

jmuhj said...

Awww, Junie looks very good in these photos! We are very glad to hear that her treatment was initially effective and we are praying and purring she will stabilize and get all better for good! We continue to post about her on all 3 of the "big" social networks. Keep up the GREAT work! We love you, JUNIE KITTEN!!! <3

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Poor Junie, to be so allergic. It's great she's been getting such great care.

Sweet Praline said...

Thank you for the update on Junie. I'm so sorry about all of her allergies, but thankful that she has found someone to take such good care of her.

Sparkle said...

Paws crossed that the shots work! Junie sounds like a very fun little girl!

The Lee County Clowder said...

If Junie was doing that well at the clinic, the obvious question is: Does the clinic need a greeter cat to keep people company?

It might not be all the comforts of home, but if Junie can evade most of her allergy problems there, it might be worth a thought.

ppuurrrrrss to Junie

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