Goma Is In Trouble And Junie Update

SACHIE: OMG you are not listening to me!!
GOMA: Did you see i is fight with monsterz??
SACHIE: Goma this is not a monster!!
GOMA: Me fight like man catz!! I is firece!!
This is an update from my friend on Junie! It looks like Junie needs a continuous support...Thank you so much for all the e-mails, tips and donations... I am optimistic with the right care Junie will recover from this. Please continue spreading the word on your social networking page(FB, Myspace and twitter etc...) more poeple see this the better! Thank you!! Sachie+Goma

Hi Everyone,

I just brought Junie back from a long and arduous day of tests at the vet's - She's sleeping now. Her results should be back by Thursday or Friday.

Today they did a biopsy on her ulcers in three locations and she has stitches to prove it! More blood work and an x-ray were done too.  Im glad I insisted because they found calcification of the kidneys!

This is not a good sign- calcium in the kidneys leads them to stop functioning eventually and can also progress toward CRF. The duck food choice was a good idea -it is low in phosphorous which is important to helping to maintain health in cats that have this type of kidney problem- because phosphorous contributes to this build up.

They also did a parthyroid test which had to be sent overnight to Michigan Univ.. The Parathyroid apparently contributes to the production of calcium effecting the build up in the kidneys....in any case, its being tested to see if its working in over drive. I also was able to get in touch with my former veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist in California and she is going to contact me this week to help out with my current vet.

Soo....$700 later.....I hope we are on a way to a solution - Happy B-day to Me!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and lent a helping hand weather it be advice or a donation. We appreciate all the support. Good karma goes out to kitty lovers everywhere. Again, If you have any information please contact me at cleeholcomb2002@yahoo.com

Junie sends kitty Hugs.


CarmenT said...

Not the best news...CRF was what got my sweet Eli last month. Junie seems like a much younger cat though, so youth may see her through. Keep the faith and give Junie some extra love. :-)


Sweet Praline said...

Goma, mom won't even open her laptop in the living room anymore because I climb right on top of it.

I'm so sorry to hear about sweet little Junie. I hope they can find out what is wrong and it is something that can be fixed.

T said...

Thank you SOOOO Much for the Junie update - I will be sure to update all the I HAVE CAT fans.
DO they know if it's something that can be treated?
Your friend LEe is an AMAZING person. What a lovely, given kind thing he/she (? hard to tell with that name!) is doing. THANK YOU FOR NOT GIVING UP ON THAT SWEET KITTEN! We will do everything we can to help raise funds for your bills!


m.q said...

ohh dear
goma wants to update blog himself hahahaha

pook555 said...

Oh, no, Goma attacked by the laptop LOL! We're glad to hear that Junie is doing okay, but hopefully they can find a way to cure her and make her feel better!! :) Purrs!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Be careful Goma! THose laptop monsters are evil!

Sparkle said...

Wow, Goma, you are lucky that monster did not eat you! It's too bad that Junie has a real monster problem! I'm glad she's getting help, but it sounds like she needs all the help we can give her, too!

AFSS said...

Thanks for the Junie update. We are sending more healing purrs. ~AFSS

Kea said...

We just read about Junie and came to offer purrs and universal healing Light.

Paws and fingers crossed for her!

Patty Skypants said...

Goma, U iz FIERCE laptop warrior!! xxoo Bhu

Sachie, thanks for the updates on Junie. It's so wonderful to know so many 'beeins and kittehs care about her! xxoo Patty

jmuhj said...

Purring, praying, tweeting and crossposting for JUNIE KITTEN and advoCATing for every reader to do the same. C'mon, Peeps, it only takes a few seconds and who knows what Warren Buffett out there might see it and donate a squillion dollars for Junie's bills to be paid?!! ;)

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