Goma VS Grass VIDEO!

Hi!! How are you guys doing this weekend?? It is sooo nice outside in Vermont, sunny and perfect weather!! I don't know about your kitty, but Goma loves fake grass...we have a fake grass plant in my room and he tries to eat it all the time!(I won't let him though). This video is me trying to play with him with a grass. Goma is trying to eat it, and he gets really fierce!! so funny!!! Enjoy!

Goma art by Angela E!! She writes: "Hi there! I saw Goma on CATS 101 on Animal Planet - and fell in love instantly with Goma and the blog itself. My favorite part is how you give a voice to little Goma... its so funny to read your interactions with him! I've been reading his adventures for a few days now and am obsessed! I had to draw you both a little something to show my love! Its not the best but I hope you and Goma love it."-Ange

This is soooo amazing!! Thank you so much Ange!! YOU ARE so talented!! I love how you draw Goma, so fluent & I love the colors!!!!! little crown is sooooo cute too!!


Angel and Kirby said...

Goma really wanted the grass! He fought very hard for it. The drawing is wonderful!

Miss Mayhem said...

Very cute drawing!

Goma deserves the piece of grass! GIVE IT TO HIM!

Sweet Praline said...

Cute video of Goma fighting for the grass. That is a very nice drawing of Goma.

LYNN said...

I grow a little container of grass for my kitteh. You can purchase the kit at any pet store... I bet goma would love it!

jmuhj said...

Oh, Sachie-san -- Angie drew a very cute Goma-chan! And GOMA-CHAN, what big blinkers you have! SOOOOOOO kawaii Goma-chan!!! <3

Anzu said...

To Goma ♪
Please tell me how to keep myself
wild and handsome.
 From Natsume

Patty Skypants said...

Angela's art is super! She has even captured Goma's cute little smile! xxoo Patty & Bhu

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