Goma's Belleh Is Special!

SACHIE: OMG come on! You can't charge us to see your belleh!!
GOMA: mai belleh is special bellehz!!
SACHIE: Come on just let us peek!!
SACHIE: Goma what are you gonna do with all your green papers?? I pay for everything for you anyway!!
GOMA: Me buy fancy feast and stinky good-ness and me buy everythingz!!
SACHIE: OMG!!!!!!! you are unbelivable!!

My Travel Update:
I am totally stuck in Grand Rapids Airport, MI!!!! I was suppose to fly out last night then my flight to Detroit was canceled in last minute... so I ended up staying over night. They re booked me but not to Burlington VT. I need to fly in to Manchester and drive 2 hours to Burlington!!!!!! If everything goes according to the plan, I will be home tonight....I really miss Goma!!!!! I dream about him last night....I can't wait to hold that big fluff again!! Wish me luck guys~~!


Cirien Phoenix said...

OMG! He's the came type of chocolate point as my humongous Himalayan Charley Marley! :D

Jacqueline said...

Good luck getting home, Sachie; have a safe trip...We're sure Goma misses you too!!...Thanks for that sweet belly shot, you made our day!!...xoxoo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Angel and Kirby said...

Goma, you do have a very special Belleh! Thanks for letting us see it.

Sachie, we hope all goes well on your trip home!

jmuhj said...

Safe journey and joyous reunion, Sachie-san! We know how those things go.

And GOMA-chan, belleh-show is worth much, MUCH more than 5 bucks. Stick a few zeros behind that "5" next time. Trust us, we know what we're doin' here. ;)

pook555 said...

Awww, Goma belly is worth more than $5 (but don't tell him, he'll just charge more LOL)!! Kitty bellies are the cutest (now my kitties might start charging to see their bellies too)!! Have a safe trip home Sachie and give Goma a big hug!!

Missy May said...

Here's a bunny for luck:
() ()

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i perrsonully tink it shud bee ten bux. jus sayin. ps i love my gf bethany shee is teh most awlsumist gf in teh wurld jus sayin!

Sweet Praline said...

Come on Goma. Surely you wouldn't charge your girlfriend, Praline to see your belly!

Safe travels home, Sachi.

Jenna said...

Be safe Sachie!

Patty Skypants said...

Sachie, please be safe on your journey!! We know Goma misses you and he is just being ornery! xxoo Patty

Mom, why Goma doesn't wantz to show his belleh? When he shows his belleh, people LOVE him!

Well, Bhu, Goma is just being silly AND ornery. C'mere and let me rub your belleh furs.

OK! Sachie can rubs mai belleh furs, too, if she wants! FOR FURRREEE! No Charge! xxoo Bhu

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