Goma Can Has St Nick's Day Stockings!!!!!

SACHIE: What do you mean B+?
GOMA: Mee like temtashun betterz!!
SACHIE: they are the same thing!!!
GOMA: NOz!! Temtashun has more sofhisticated tastez!!
SACHIE: Goma! where did you learn such a sophisticated word??
GOMA: I has mai sources.These St Nick Stockings are from my BF's parents(Mary and Don)!! They gave each of us a stockings how sweet of them!!! My favorite is this Goma ornament!! I have no idea how and where they got it but it looks like someone custom made this for Goma!!! AMAZING!!!! LOVE it!!!! Thank you Mary & Don!!!


Busby and Raymond said...

Goma looks great on the ornament. We give it an A+.

Angel and Kirby said...

That is a super ornament! You are very special to have your very own.

Cheesnaps said...

Very cool!

Patty Skypants said...

Goma, U iz LUCKY to has such a purrity stocking filled with treats! Mary & Don must LUV U! xxoo Bhu

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