Goma Can Has A Giftz!!

SACHIE: Goma! WOOOHOOO! We got a christmas gift from Kim & Tiger!
GOMA: Give meee the green now!!
SACHIE: No I have to put it under the tree first!
GOMA: NOZ!!! Me want now!!
SACHIE: I can't this needs to add water and grow frist!
GOMA: You is meanz !!
SACHIE: BElieve me you don't wanna eat this right now Goma...


Angel and Kirby said...

Let Sachie make it grow so it will be even better!

kimana said...

You are welcome Goma!! I thought you would like it cause it is Tiger's favorite....Tiger says i love it but the wait will make it yummier Goma, my mom says the waiting is awesome cause i beg for it . merry christmas and tell your momma Goma that she will get something soon too!

Kim and Tiger

jmuhj said...

ConCATulations, Goma-chan! Yu wil LUV thoze kitteh greenz. If yu kan haz payshinss, taht iz.

Awww, Sachie-san, luks lyke yu haz a spammer abuv me. Hope yu kan sendz him tu wher he beelongz. ;(

Editor said...

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pcat said...

Hello Sachie and Goma! love the blog! cute Christmas gift story!

Peaches says meow!

Anonymous said...

I just saw Goma on Animal Planet! He is so cute!!!! I love you blog. :D

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