A House Design For Cats! "The Cat House" In Japan!!

I am officially obsessed with those cat houses in Japan... many of you already know, I introduced ultimate cat house from Asahi Kasei before. But this house called "The Cats' House" is even more extreme! The owner of this house built this fully customized house for their 16 cats and 5 dogs!! The house is so interesting that even Animal Planet came to interview them in Japan! I especially enjoyed their photo and videos on their site...it is really any cat lover's dream house!! I wish Goma can have a house like this someday!!
There are 3 holes in the wall where cats freely in and out through them.
This is the secret tunnel for cats.The ultimate cat walk!!
There are even some maintinance opening where humans can come in and clean their cat walks.
This is cat only room!The biggest scratching post I have ever seen!!

That's it! I am moving back to Japan now! Are you ready Goma? lol. I hope this post inspire cats lover all over the states!! Be sure to check out the cats' house for more extreme pictures and videos!! Baizai cat lovers.

Can't get enough of cat houses in Japan?
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Busby and Raymond said...

Our Moms plan to do some shelf steps on our walls so that we can climb up higher. These videos and and photos are very inspiring!

Purrs, Busby and Raymond

Angel and Kirby said...

That is the best Cat house yet!

Urso said...

I wish I could live in this house. Hey, Goma has a twitter?

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

We is wanting our momma ta move over dere wif us!

CarmenT said...

Oh my! Eli and Mimi would love that house! Not only is it wonderful for cats, it's aesthetically pleasing to human eyes. I like!

Cheesnaps said...

Have you seen the one in Arizona? It's a seriously awesome colorful house devoted to nothin' but kitties. Check out the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Cats-House-Bob-Walker/dp/0740778617/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpi_1

Cheesnaps said...

Oops, I think it's actually in San Diego. I found video you might like: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/most-outrageous-the-cats-house.html

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