Goma Friends Spotlight Part 2! Bhu

A while ago, I came up with an idea of interviewing some of Goma's friends to know more about them. First one was Sweet Praline this time I would like to interview a good friend Bhu!

1:What is your name?
My name is Buddha, but mai mom and pop callz me Bhu 'cuz they iz lazy.

2:How old are you?
Me was bornz October 17, 1997, so me iz twelve (12).

3:What do you do for living?
House security

4:What are your special skills?
Furrrst is mai speshul skill of bug reconnaisence and removal. Second is mai speshul purring skills, which iz purrity intense (sez mai mom). Third is mai ability to put maiself betweenz mai mom and pop when they getz together. They iz just plannin' to pet me anyway! Fourth, me is not influenced by the 'nip. At all! Which makes me purrrfect spy kitteh! Fifth, me gives belleh for rubs . . . willingly and enthusiastically!

5:Are you worry about something lately?
Not really. Me has good life.

6:Have anyone told you you look like somebody famous?
Mai mom and pop always sez me looks like George Clooney. Me sez, George is not furry enough! Watchu think???

7:Are you shy or social?
Me is sophisti-cat-ed, which means knowing when to be whichever.

8: Do you listen to others?
Always. Listen, but not believe!

9:Do you gamble?
Never. Always jumping into territory already explored.

10:What is your favorite and least favorite things in the world?
Faves include mai mom, Tender Liver & Chicken Feast, ear and neck scritches, belleh rubs, when mai mom sings to me (except when she sings "Here Come the Jets," which kinda scares me a little).

11: What is your ideal girl-friend/boy-friend like?
Furst, Goma and GJ iz ideal mancat furrends. They iz cool an' smart! Girlfriends is very fluffy and full o puurrrrrrsonality. Me has favfurrites, laik Sweet Praline, Maggy, Annabelle & Zuzu, but there is othurs whose beauty and intgellijuns me respects and enjoys. In all relationships, me wants "true" and "real." Mai mom taught me that.

12: If you have a middle name, what it could be?
Mai middle name is Feline, but if me could has another one it would be "Peace."


Patty Skypants said...

Hi, Goma and Sachie! Bhu is so excited to see his photo on your blog! You did a great job interviewing him! xxoo Patty

Me iz so flattered! Me is purrroud to be Goma's furrend! xxoo bhu
Pee Ess: It's mai mom and pop's annifurrsary today an' this will make them very happy. Thank you!

Angel and Kirby said...

That was a good interview. We love to learn about our friends.

One Cats Nip said...

Ohh loves to learn about other cats!

jmuhj said...

We love you, Bhu! You are very handsome and we admire your purring skills so much!

And Goma-chan, we see you curled up on your bed -- we wish you and Sachie-san the very best day! ;)

Ginger Jasper said...

I love Bhu too, what a simply wonderful idea to interview friends.. Just lovely... HUgs GJ x

Sweet Praline said...

I think I feel a little faint! Bhu was one of the first mancats to visit me when I joined the CB and my first boyfriend. He is very special and very handsome.

How wonderful to have both Bhu and Goma on the same page. Okay, Goma, you need to interview Ginger Jasper next.

Smirking Cat said...

My cats wouldn't have stayed awake long enough to do an interview like this! :) I love all the pictures and cat love here.

Katie and Da Katz said...

bhu looks sumat like George Cloony kind sorta... i fink him looks like Chris Meloni... all hunky cute n stuff... bet Mariska Hargitay would wanna skritch dat tummy...

Daisy May Daffodil

Estrella said...

So cute!! so u dont gabble! smart kitty!

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