You Wanna Play Me?

SACHIE: Sure I play you Goma.
GOMA: I say yez or no! You no say dat so me not play with you anymore.
SACHIE: What!? but I said I will!
GOMA: you is no understand lol cat languagez? so lamez!


Sweet Praline said...

Yez! I want to play mee!

jmuhj said...

Taht bawl lukz uncatlyke, Goma-chan. Yu haz smawl bawl tu play wiv? Ai playz yu!

Patty Skypants said...

Dat ball looks 2 big fur U. Me likes play with little furry mouse. Me throws it up in the air and it falls and me bats it around the room for a while, then throw up in air again and bat around room . . . ummmmm, me is tired now. Takes nap! xxoo Bhu

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