A Guest Blogger Post: Top 10 Lolcatz Sites on the Web!!

Hello! so today I want to try something new!! I want to invite a guest blogger Mary Ward to our blog!! She is a freelance writer who likes to write about animals!! I was so excited when she reached out to me saying that she wants to be a guest blogger at my cat Goma!! So Mary take it away!! —Sachie

Top 10 Lolcatz Sites on the Web

Lolcatz started off as a cute little idea that has quickly evolved into a new trend. Featuring the very best in cat humor, these sites take this trend to a whole new level as a community of lovers gather around.

  1. LOL Cats – This is where it all began and what Lolcatz is all about. It’s the best site to visit as it started the trend for Lolcatz, and therefore it’s a great one to keep up with. You will be laughing out loud for hours on end!
  2. I Can Has Cheezburger – What’s nice about this particular Lolcatz site is that the content is fresh and constantly updated. You can find no end to the hilarious Lolcatz images and be an active part in picking the best ones. Load your own or just sit back and enjoy the fun!
  3. Stuff on My Cat – As this pertains to all things for the cat lover, there’s no surprise that it’s a huge contributor to the Lolcatz trend. This is an excellent site to visit if you want to see some fabulously funny Lolcatz images and keep current with the latest on this beloved trend.
  4. Stumble Upon – Though there is a much further reach on this site than just Lolcatz, there’s an excellent representation on here. You can get access to Lolcatz images or get into new sites that pop up with this exciting and hilarious feature all the time.
  5. Kitten War – The battle of the cutest and most hilarious cat lingers on through sites like this! You can find some funny little kitten pictures and keep up with the cutest in cat antics through this site meant just for the cat lover.
  6. Cute Overload – The name says it all and that’s where you would expect to find some excellent Lolcatz images. There’s a nice blending of adorable and funny making this a great resource for the Lolcatz lovers.
  7. LOL Cat Bible – Oh yes, a bible for the Lolcatz trend—now we’ve seen it all! There’s some crazy pictures that keep lovers of these cats going on and on. A great site to visit, even if you’re just getting into this precious trend for the first time.
  8. Meow Cheese – Not only does this take the Lolcatz trend seriously, but it launches it to a new level. You can vote on the best images and see the rankings, which helps to turn Lolcatz from a great trend to a hilarious game fit for everyone.
  9. The Lol Cats – This turns the Lolcatz quickly into a lasting tradition amongst cat lovers as it has created an up and coming community. This is like any other site for the cat lover, but it has so much more as it features the very best in Lolcatz images. A true gem!
  10. Lolcatz.net – A “must have” site for the list! You can find some funny and intriguing Lolcatz images to keep you up to speed on the best ones out there. A great one to visit frequently for a good laugh!
Never say act people don't have a sense of humor! These sites are proof positive, celebrating the joy that these top pets bring to owners and fans around the world.

Mary Ward is a freelance writer and likes writing about animal-related career topics, such as how to obtain an online Vet Tech degree, job and education tips, and more.


SACHIE: Goma i don't think so...you didn't even make to the list...
GOMA: You be quietz!!! Me can has lol catz!!!
SACHIE: Ok ok someday you will make the list Goma.


Miss FuzzBunny (of course) said...

Oh King Goma make me ur Queen pleezzz oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

Tess said...

Goma I am so am so so (faint) sorry to see the King of Mancats!

Casseau and BUbo said...


jmuhj said...

Oh, Goma-chan, you ARE the King of LOLcats to us, and will forever be! ;) PURRS, The Flakerz

PS Ms. Mary, I don't want to be a fussbudget, but where, oh, where, is http://www.catsinsinks.com? Guaranteed to make a, er, CAT laugh! I know WE do... ;)

Patty Skypants said...

We purreeeefurrr My Himilayan Cat Goma! Our top ten list is
1. Goma
2. Goma
3. Goma
4. Sweet Praline
5. Zoolatry
6. Ginger Jasper
7. Annabelle an' Zuzu
8. Cat with a Garden
9. Kitty Bellehs
10. Floof & Fur

Tess and gang said...

Love ya Goma!! KING of LOL CATS and all MAN CATS!!

Katie and Da Katz said...

oh dis goods infurmayshun! we luvs da lolcat bible site!

bye bye
katie too

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