Goma Friends Spotlight! Sweet Praline

Hi everyone!! I came up with an idea f interviewing some of Goma's friends to know moe about them. They are also friends from cat blogosphere! They have a pawsome bloggy and of course mommy that loves them like crazy!!! So the first interview will be Goma's girl friend, Sweet Praline!!
1:What is your name? Miss Paula’s Sweet Praline (Praline, for short)

2:How old are you? 14 years

3:What do you do for living? I live to be pampered!

4:What are your special skills? I can get treats with just a look, a great belly rub by just rolling over on my back, and looking cute!

5:Are you worry about something lately? I’m worried about my Mom! She has a hurty shoulder and the doctor has to cut on her in December. Mom is in pain a lot!

6:Have anyone told you you look like somebody famous? When I was a kitten, I was told I looked like the gremlin, Gizmo!

7:Are you shy or social? I am shy around new people, but very social when I want something.

8: Do you listen to others? Nope! Others always listen to me!

9:Do you gamble? Gambling is illegal in South Carolina.

10:What is your favorite and least favorite things in the world? My favorite thing is to be petted by my mom; least favorite is going to the vet!

11: What is your ideal girl-friend/boy-friend like? Since I have 3 or 4 boyfriends, that’s a tough one. Let’s see, he has to be handsome (Goma, Bhu, Ginger Jasper, Romeo. I think I have a little crush on Slash and I just adore little Melvin), caring, funny, floofy, and think I’m the best ladycat out there!

2 If you have a middle name, what it could be? My middle name is “Sweet”

I hope you guys enjoy knowing moe about Praline! Have a great weekend!!


Angel and Kirby said...

That was a very good interview.

digman12 said...

hey good interview

Misha said...

You're a very lucky mancat to have such a floofilicous girlfriend like Praline!

Daisy said...

Nice to learn more about the beautiful Praline!

Tess and gang said...

What a beauty even Miss FuzzBunny admires her "no jealousy here" she purrs and sends her good wishes! Also oxoxoxoxo to Goma LOL! Casseau and Bubo are dazzeled too !
Thnaks Sachie this is a wonderful idea!!

PS Sachie Caseeau sends purrs to you!!

jmuhj said...

Wonderful interview, Sweetie! We know about the "kitteh-belleh" getting treats, too -- when Sammi "The Maine Coon Man!" does that here, our meowm dives in for snorglin' and we all get lots of treats, even though HE'S the only one doing the work for them. ;) We think this is only fair. ^^

Ginger Jasper said...

Brilliant interview.. I love it.. Hugs GJ xx

Your Daily Cute said...

How nice to meet Sweet Praline. What a sweet, gorgeous kitty!

Da Fambly Cat-a-blog Kittiez said...

That was cool to learn 'bout our Sweet Praline some mores. She is a favorite friend of ours.

Patty Skypants said...

Sweet P is one of the most divine kittehs an' U iz lucky to has her fur a girlfurrend! Mai mom sez she wants to interfue U, too. She will send U queschuns. xxoo Bhu

Patty Skypants said...

Pee Ess. Mai mom sez she thinks Sweet Praline looks like "Meg Ryan." That must be a 'bean, me guess. xxoo Bhu

Katie and Da Katz said...

oh datz a goods innervue... hopes u doo sum morh...

katie too

Sweet Praline said...

Those were very decent questions, Goma. I'm so glad you didn't get really personal!

Love you!

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