Goma Under The Oven

SACHIE: Goma...I think it has planty o room or you!
GOMA: Me big boyz! Me no it!!!
SACHIE: I think you are getting fat!! too much cakes for you!!
GOMA : u is call me fat?? you no say i is fatz!! me is just flurffy!!!!!
SACHIE: I guess so... but no more eating cake under the oven Goma.


Sweet Praline said...

Goma, how dare your mom to call you fat. You are one of the floofiest kitties I know.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Your mom hides cake under the oven?

Wikki said...

I wrote this yesterday: "this is Sweden calling, and my vote is for you!! Oops sorry it isn't the Eurovision Song Contest? *cat-giggle*
I love comments to, and you're now the first Cat from outside Sweden to be put on my new list of friends from all over the world"
What Paw that stole the last words of that sentence and adressed it with some kind of dog food place (!) beats me!
Hugs Wikki the Bloggkatten

Patty Skypants said...

Mai mom sez she hopes U getz FATTER so there is more of U to LOVE! xxoo Bhu

pughy said...

Oh not fat at all. Just super cuddly..

Hugs GJ xx

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Goma, tell us what you were snacking on☺

jmuhj said...

Adorable Goma-chan! I hope you weren't having to hide from that big scary thing...YOU know the one I'm talking about!!! Up high is the best place, neko-chan! It can't go up there! ;)

Katie and Da Katz said...

duz u finds cake or crumbiez? or mousiez?

Mom sez i iz fats... i jus chubby cute.

u iz chubby cute and mom luvs ur eyes. hur say u gots da bestest floofy face!

Katie Too

Sofia said...

i saw you on animal planet. so cute!!

Hi from texas

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