Goma And His Bills

SACHIE: Goma...I don't think hiding will work.
GOMA: Finez! Me gonna eatz it!!
SACHIE: Goma, just pay your bills now so you can get out of your dept sooner!
GOMA: Me don't car!!
SACHIE: Oh I guess no more bonito flakes for you then.
GOMA: No----!!
SACHIE: Sorry Goma. It is tough love. I need to teach you to be more responsible! And I am not helping you this time!!!
GOMA: You is meanz!! terriblez!!
SACHIE: No more internet shopping for a while GOMA! I am taking away your credit card now!

P.S Hai everyone and paw friends! How do you handle your finances and pay billz on timez?? do you has any gud tips for mee?


Patty Skypants said...

Me is very furrugal. Mai mom is also very furrugal -- her furrends call her The Monk -- an' she is good at budgeting so she always pays bills on time. If we can't afford it, we don't has a bill fur it! She's gotta watch Poppy though; he uses that credit card when she's not lookin! xxoo Bhu

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Yeah, bills are not furry mucho funs at all. Our momma pays alla' da imPURRtant ones, buys foodables and then whatever that is lefts is hers - not mucho but it is hers.

Come see us today. We are talkin' 'bout sumpin' furry imPAWtant.

Anonymous said...

AW! This made me laugh... with Goma not at him. :D

Rachel Luxemburg said...

Hi Sachie -- some serious advice -- if your bank does not have online bill paying, switch banks! It is SO much easier to sit down at the computer & pay all the bills there. No more writing checks, going to post office, buying stamps etc.

Plus you can set up automatic payments for the ones that are predictable each month (rent, cable tv, cell phone, insurance etc). That way you only have to pay the variable amount ones as they come due. The fewer bills you have to remember to pay the easier it will be.

Lisa Stefanko said...

well if you cut down on things like eat a little less drive less- walk or bike more you can save alot of money!! and online banks are probably easier too. and if you have less credit cards you are probably less likely to be in any dept.

Sweet Praline said...

Goma, my mom and I don't like bills either and since my illness and mom's human vet bills, it gets tougher and tougher. Good luck.

Misha said...

It's all about prioritizing.

So, kitty stuff is #1, house stuff #2 to help make kitty comfy and Mummy stuff last.

Caro said...

Hello, Sachie!

I use MemotoMe to email reminders to myself when certain bills need to be paid on time. Things like visa, etc. It's the only way I can remember consistently.

(Also, thank you for the comments to my kitty blog. I hasn't quite figured out how to reply on blogspot yet ^_^;;)

Your Daily Cute said...

Goma, if sitting on the bills makes them disappear, please let me know. Then you can come sit on mine!

jmuhj said...

OMC, Goma-chan and Sachie-san! Internet shopping is the downfall of modern civilization, I'm sure of it. WHO COULD PAWSIBLY RESIST! Have plastic and PayPal? It's all over. ;)

Seriously? Yes, budget, budget, budget. And don't go over it!

ALSO: 1. try keeping lists of things you need and things you want, and get all on the needs, but only those you can afford at the time, on the wants. Like, one at a time, until it's paid, and so on.
2. NEVER revolve. Always pay off your cards within the grace period. Interest rates are killers! Stuff already costs too much -- why pay 20% more for it???

and, most importantly,
3. Try sending those pesky bills to someone -- anyone -- named "BILL". They don't belong to you, obvy. Your names are "Goma" and "Sachie", right? RIGHT. ;0

Anonymous said...

I think the best advise is to live within your means. Pay cash for things. If you can't buy it with cash, don't buy it at all. Of course, certain items like cars and such I wouldn't expect to not finance, but keep the credit card spending to a minimum. Also, use coupons, shop sales, see matinee movies, public transportation if possible. I got rid of my cell phone, I refuse to buy a car, and I chopped up all my credit cards. OK, I may be extreme, but I was able to pay off all my old credit card debt, so other than my rent and monthly utilities, I owe nothing.


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