Bubble Monster?

SACHIE: Don't eat plastic Goma!
GOMA: Me fightz da mosater and eatz it!!
SACHIE: Goma...it is not so good for your stomach...you know what happened last time you ate something bad?
GOMA: Wut?
SACHIE: You had stinky butt and I had to shave your butt!!


Anonymous said...

OMG That is so funny! Goma is so cute!!! I love Goma! I want a cat of mau own, but I can't.

Sweet Praline said...

No shave Goma butt!

I like to lick plastic, which drives my mom wild.

Carol, Lucky, Bugsy and Hope said...

Hi Sachie and Goma - We love love love your site!!! We also have a site/blog, and hope you stop by sometime! Goma is super cute - and we all agree is much more handsome with a furry butt thoug.... so - no eating plastic Goma!

Patty Skypants said...

What is IN plastic that makes kittehs go so CRAZY???? Goma, please don't eat it! Stinky butt makes you feel bad. xxoo Patty

jmuhj said...

Goma-chan! Think of the funz yu kan haz just bai poppin teh bubblolz wiv yur klaweez! Yu doan haz tu eet teh plasticz, Goma-chan! ;)

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