Goma Is Jealous

SACHIE: Oh Goma is't okay, I play with you later too.
GOMA: Me no laterz!! Me want mai belly-rubs and kissez NOW!!
SACHIE: What!? shince when did you start liking belly rubs and kisses?? Especially, you don't like me kissing you because of "girl germs"!
GOMA: Me change mai mindz!!! come on rub meee! rub meeeee!!!!


Misha said...

Next thing you know Syd will be eating your Bonita flakes. Is nothing sacred?

Patty Skypants said...

Sachie, Goma Needs Luvin' NOW! xxoo Bhu

Uh oh! Looks like Sachie won't listen to you either, Bhu. Poor Goma! I will give you lotsa belleh rubs and kisses: smooch, smooch, mwah, mwah, rubbierubbiegomabelleh! xxoo Patty

pughy said...

Oh sweet love. dont worry your mum has a lot of love to go around..

Hugs GJ xx

jmuhj said...

OH, poor GOMA-CHAN. We love you, handsome sexy! We hope your whiskers are soon fanned and uplifted! and your tail banner held high! Happy CATurday!

Anzu said...

Don't worry, Goma.
I tell you A secret.

Probably, Syd want to give
a little of food Mom is eating.

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