As the Paw Turns Day 5: Out Takes

Thanks everyone for tuning in everyday!! It was so much fun to see all the other cats in the tv show!! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as Goma and I did!! I also want to thank all the cast members and Zoolatry Ann for creating such an awesome story and photos for us!!!!Romeo from Peggy's Place

Melvin from Mouchois

Khyra from Khyra's Korner

Ginger Jasper

Sweet Praline

The World's Best Cat litter™ has a new face!! They have new packaging and website now! I don't know if you ever used The World's Best Cat litter™ before, but Goma loves it! He even eats it so funny!! Anyway, my friend Drew over there send me this info to pass along! I hope you guys take advantage of this special limited time offer!! Love, Sachie

Drew writes: we invite you to share a special opportunity with your readers in the form of a $4.00 savings off their next purchase of World’s Best Cat Litter™ starting on August 19 when the site officially goes live. To pass along the savings simply include this special link in a blog post or send it along to your friends. Anyone who clicks can redeem $4.00 savings starting on August 19 and ending on August 29.


Sweet Praline said...

Goma, it was great sharing screen time with you!

Katie and Da Katz said...

Fanks fur sharin dem out takes dey iz goods!! ROFL Mewling alots

Bootsie Woo
da rowlin on da floor gurl.

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