As the Paw Turns Day 3: The Meeting

Sweet Praline is exhausted, both physically and emotionally. She has discovered that her best girlcat, Maggy has been seeing Bhu, Romeo, and Ginger Jasper too. She calls Miss Zoey for a special spa day.

Sweet Praline goes to the Furrsville Salon & Spa for her daily floofing and Zoey has worked her in to have her "highlights" brightened and a complete body massage. After a great day with Khyra on the motorcycle, Maggy has come for her weekly nail trim and a paw massage. To their surprise, Zoey has secretly booked them both into the same room at the same time (That little Zoey is a great prankster!). Zoey slowly closes the door on Praline and Maggy.

The intimacy and quiet of the salon allows Praline and Maggy to chat amicably. They agree that the ongoing rivalry between them is of no benefit and they must find a way that all can live happily with one another in Furrsville. After all, Praline and Maggy have been friends since the cradle and no mancat should come between them. Praline immediately texts the Mayor (G. Jasper) requesting he call everyone together for dinner that evening at his home...Mayor G. Jasper quickly spreads the word around town about the evenings' big event at Sweet Praline's cottage. Melvin made an early appointment at MANCAT'S (it is "thee" salon for the men in town, and a clotheir, too!) and is waiting for the others to arrive. After all, he wouldn't want to show up at Sweet Praline's house in nothing but the best for an up-in-coming mancat. Romeo, G. Jasper and Bhu arrive at MANCAT'S and see their good buddy, Goma. Of course, Goma is preparing to take quick photos on his cell, to email back to the newspaper for the evening edition. A party at Sweet Praline's is a social event! Goma takes his time to get the best pictures of all the mancats after their grooming appointments and in their new finery. He has already captured a great pic of Melvin, but just as he presses the button for the photo, Melvin, being a typical kid just has to clown around for the camera!

Just look at all of these handsome mancats in one location! Get the smelling salts, ladies!
Back in his office, G. Jasper is tired, but he still has to confirm the guest list with Praline and doublecheck with Goma on the news coverage. Sweet Praline would never forgive him if everything wasn't just purrfect! G. Jasper looks at the clock and thinks a short nap won't be a problem. He falls asleep as he looks at his two ladies, as they are his favorite screensaver.
Will G. Jasper get everything completed on time? Will he have sweet dreams of Praline AND Maggy? Will fur fly at the party?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of AS THE PAW TURNS . . .


Zoolatry said...

Oh that Zoey... she has to get in on everything.
But then... purrhaps... her efforts at being a peacemaker will be appreciated.
Goma, I do hope you're publishing all this for "posterity"... but we don't think you should have so visibly published your phone number... everyone will be calling you for news coverage now!

Sweet Praline said...

My handsome Goma, please make sure you take great pictures at the party. And keep your eyes and paws away from Miss Maggy.

jmuhj said...

Sounds like Maggy is the "floozy"... ;)

*SWOON*ing over all those handsome MANCATS! And who's that with the huge eyes? It's GOMA-CHAN, of course! The handsomest cat in town!

Patty Skypants said...

Hai, Goma! U iz the bestest BIG TIME REPORTER in the world!! Anyhoo, Maggy is no floozy. She is very purrity and very smart. -- Ur fellow actor and possible Acatemy Award winner Bhu xxoo

Katie and Da Katz said...

oh dis is gettn more eggsiteing!!

we iz lookin furrward til tamorrohs eddyshun!

da Katie Katz Gang

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