10 Easy Tips To Take Great Picture Of Your Cat!

I have been taking Goma's pictures almost everyday for two and half years. I don't have a fancy camera, it's not even digital SLR. The equipment definitely matters and it helps to take better photo. I don't have the top of the line camera but I still manage to take great photos of Goma. Today I want to share a couple of tips with you so you can enjoy taking your cat's picture!

1. Choose the day time, not the night time.
The best pictures of Goma come out from a daytime shoot in a room with plenty of sunlight. The natural light normally brings out the best of a cat such as the beautiful details in their coat and hair! Also you will be able to take a sharper picture. Be aware of back-light, especially by the window. Back-light always makes the subject dark and flat, if that happens, try shooting them from a different angle where more sunlight hits the subject.Goma looking great in sun light.Back-light makes the subject dark!!

2. Play with interesting angles!
Do you ever wonder why every picture you take of your cat looks the same? Even though it is in a different place, etc... Try shooting them from another angle! For example, a slightly lower angle can make your cat look really cute! Also, try from the same eye level as your cat or even directly from above! You will see some interesting picture as a result!Slightly low angle makes your cat look like a doll!!
Shooting directly from above makes an interesting picture!

3. No Flash!
Flash makes everything flat and the colors sharp. Goma hates flashes so I try to avoid it as much as possible. If you must take a picture in a dark room at night try extra lights.Flash makes everything flat and gives red eyes!

4. Pay attention to the background.
Taking pictures in a somewhat simple background makes the photo look professional.
5. Focus on different body-parts of the cat to accentuate their character.
Goma has many great body-parts such as his manly big paws, magnificent whiskers, fluffy coat, and stunning blue eyes. So why not focus on those features? A close-up of these body-parts are always a great way to bring out the best of your cat!Here I am focusing on his beautiful blue eyes!

6. Choose an environment where cats are most comfortable.
Don't force it. Cats gets stressed when they are uncomfortable. Don't bring the cat outside if the cat has never been outside, it will just make everything difficult and your picture will reflect that. Try taking pictures when your cat is relaxed and comfortable in their environment.He loves to sit on his scratch post and do a modeling pose for me!
He loves to peek out from his house!
Goma loves pillows!

7. Use the toys, treats or even make a noise to grab their attention.
I know it is very hard to make your cat look at the camera. I Use everything and anything that Goma likes to grab his attention, such as bonito flakes. I shake them right next to my camera, it works every time!He loves bonito flakes!
Here I am shaking the bonito flakes next to my camera and got ya! I have a puuurfect picture!

8. Use props.
Sometimes I use props to make the photo more interesting. One day, I placed my glasses on Goma, that was really funny. Another time when Goma was sleeping on the floor, I put a big teddy-bear next to him and took a picture to make it look like they were sleeping together.Used my glasses! So funny he looks like grand-pa!
I placed Gomakin and teddy bear, they look like they're hanging out!

9. Shoot it when your cat's eyes dilate for maximum cuteness.
I find Goma looks the cutest when his eyes are dilated. Period. However, it is very difficult to take a picture of that because cat's eyes dilate in the night time. Well, I found the perfect time to shoot it! I do it inside the room in a cloudy day and also early in the morning and evening.Goma's eyes look huuuuuuge! So cute!!

10. Patient patient patient.
Cats are independent and unpredictable. Be patient with them always, don't force it ever. Don't try to take the perfect picture in one single take, take as many picture as you can! There will always be one photo that you will like. Normally, I can tell when it's a good time for Goma to take his picture. I don't want to do it when he is running around chasing Syd or sleeping under the bed. Be patient, there is always a perfect picture moment for your cats, just wait for it!This one I never intended to take, but I was be able to cature this shot just by taking tons of pictures randomly!!

Lastly one more tip... It's ok to cheat guys. Play with photoshop! Use it to brighten the picture, it brings out more detail. Whatever you can do to make the picture better, by all means do it! But be careful of over doing it...you don't want your photos to look unnatural. Well that's it! I hope this post is helpful to everyone who loves taking pictures of cats!!

This is my awesome Camera!

These may be my next cameras!

These are my dream cameras(Canon EOS 5D Mark ll and Leica M8) which I wish I could have...but never will be able to...sad.


Sweet Praline said...

Mom Paula - Thanks for the great ideas, Sachie! I know I get the best pictures of Praline if I can find natural daylight, but my house is under a lot of shade trees and it's difficult to capture that "just right" light. I do like the idea of shaking the treat bag next to the camera. I'll try that next time. I also love Praline's dilated eyes.

Sweet Praline - Me LOVES Goma's beautiful blue eyes!

Daisy said...

Those are some great tips! My Mommeh always holds a treat up and I almost always look up at the treat. And we also take many, many, many photos and hope a couple are good enough to use. And we cheat with Photoshop, too!

Patty Skypants said...

Mai mom used to have one of those Canon cameras, but it was too heavy and too complicated. She sold it CHEAP! If we had known U wanted one, we coulda sold it to U! xxo Bhu

Well, Goma looks particularly hansome in these photos and these are GREAT tips! Thank you, Sachie! xxoo Patty

littlesunshinedaisy said...

I wonder if Goma will have a costume for Halloween... Goma would make a pawsome namennayo cat, don't you think? :)

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Our momma says that those are furry good hints. We say to too except fur the prop one...uhm, NO, we don't do props.

Momma wants to know how to get the little pink paw icon from IAMS. She would like to help out the animals from our bloggy, too.

Anzu said...

Tks for useful advice for us!
"Patient patient patient"
That's difficul for me.
As Goma is so Handsome Model,
no one can approach you, Goma!

jmuhj said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! What gorgeous pix of Goma-chan!!! It's the SUBJECT more than the camera, isn't it, Sachie-san? That's how we feel, too! and we have lots of fun capturing those precious moments and great expressions, too! Thanks for sharing these -- I love the candid unplanned shot very much!

Your Daily Cute said...

Yup, you and Goma have this picture-taking thing down. Very cute!

Katie and Da Katz said...

Fanks fur deze goods advice bout fotoh takin... course Daisy iz in lufs wif Goma Chan (hur lufs boyz)

Goma got bootiful eyes!!

weze likes ur dreem camra - sinse all mom gots iz a Walgreen throwsaway! Wagreen puts film innit fur free doh.

Mom likes deze fotohz - da glasses one, da hangin outs wif Gomakin n under da lacey da bestest!

lv n purrz
Katie Too

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