Martha Stewart And Her Himmies!!

I love Martha Stewart. She really changed how Americans, eat, entertain, and decorate their homes and gardens than any one person in our history. I always admire her impeccable taste and how she applies that into everything in our lives!!! Yey Martha!! Did you know she is also and avid animal lover? According to Wikipedia, Martha Stewart owns seven Himalayan cats!!(Teeny, Weeny, Mozart, Verdi, Vivaldi, Bartok and Belioz) all named after famous composers. The cats have been featured in her commercials for Kmart, on her television show, Martha Stewart Living, and in her magazine, such as the cover of the February, 1999, issue.

Check this video out! Martha will talk about her love for Himalayan cats and interact with other cats!! Martha's new Himalayan Kitty refuse to come out from the cage...so funny!Read about Martha's Himalayan breeder talks about her cats!
Martha Stewart Tip: Feng Shui With Fur by The New York Times
SACHIE: What Goma I heard that!! You can't leave me for Martha!!
GOMA: But she has big housez and maids and...has own tv showz!!!
SACHIE: OMG!!! You really are something!!


Misha said...

Goma is much more handsome!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What an interesting video. So many gorgeous cats. And of course, Goma!

Sweet Praline said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't know Martha had all those Himmies.

Goma, you don't want to leave Sachi - she spoils you too much!

pughy said...

You wouldn't leave Goma, the grass is not always greener.

Hugs GJ xx

Ailurophile said...

Oh I'm sure Goma is just kidding..maybe using it as a poly for some treats!

Himalayan cats are pawesome :)

jmuhj said...

Nice video, but not very informative. I would prefur them to talk about rescuing and TNR and non-"purebred" cats!

The Caring Infernal Warden said...

Great... Now Melvin is on his way out, he heard that Martha lives nearby!

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