Goma Updates! PART 1

Yey!! I received my first photo update from Vanessa and Eric! It is so nice of them to send it to me mainly because I bugged them too much for it...sorry guys....Goma looks like having too much fun with Squid, apparently they are getting in trouble together...lol. I will post more photos tomorrow!! Thank ALL of you for encouragements on being away from Goma so much...I am handling it quite fine but still I miss him terribly all the time...I can't wait to hug&kiss him when I get home!!!SACHIE:Goma, that face is called "Guilty face". Obviously you are chewing that plant!
GOMA: Nos! dat's squid! He eatz it!!
SACHIE: Are you sure?? but still very very sketchy Goma. Please don't eat their plants ok??


Sweet Praline said...

Praline: Goma, you are so handsome, even when you have the guilty look. Please stop eating the plants, they aren't good for kitties and I don't want you to get sick.

Mom Paula: Sachie. I know how you feel. I cried going to the airport this summer when I was leaving Praline for two weeks.

Laila and Minchie said...

Goma, you look like you have made yourself right at home. Squid sounds like he's a great playmate.

Patty Skypants said...

This is Goma's Big Adventure!! New plants to gnaw on, new toys to play with, and a friend to chase around and tussle with! Like summer camp, only in winter! Yes, he's guilty! Proximity to the actual plant is always a clue. So, Goma, are you sittin under that plant for the SHADE? LOL!
Bhu: "He no eatz plantz. me can tell."
Oh, yeah, right. Aliens made those bite marks on the leaves, huh?
Bhu: "maybeez. dunno."

Oh, Sachie, I love the new t-shirt designs! And we are so glad you are doing postcards, too! FUN!

jmuhj said...

VERY happy New Year to you too, Goma-chan, Sachie-san and furriends! We wish you warm and purry nights and playful days. We are going to look at T-shirts now!

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