I Can Has Boids!! VIDEO!!

This string feather toy is Goma's favorite. He will play for hours on this. What I love about this toy is that I don't have to move around to play with Goma. I just stand in one place and swing the toy and Goma will go crazy!! This feather toy mimics injured bird so cats love this!! I often use this toy so that Goma can get some exercise. I recommend this if you haven't try!!

GOMA: You stop followz meee!! dis is mai boids!!
SACHIE: Oh come on!! I just wanna see where you taking it!
GOMA: You no lookz!! it iz secretz!!!

* Somehow this Youtube video above got cut off from the frame...please go here to watch hi-quality version of this video on Youtube!! Yey!


apple + chelsea said...


youz r good at catching birds!!

<3 apple

Sweet Praline said...

Very good at catching fev-vers!

Goma, even though I am in love with you, there is another in my life, Bhu. You both are such handsome mancats and I am having difficulty choosing between the two of you. Mom says I can have two boyfriends, if I want.

I need to think about this soap opera I've gotten my self into.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

gimme toy! looks like fun! you shares? i gives you.......hmmm a jingly ball. i dont like them :)

Laila and Minchie said...

We has the same boid toy and it's our favorite! Did you buy it from the place you linked to? CoolCyberCats is a purrsonal furrend of ours!

Mom says if when your Mom ever has to leave the country and go back home and can't bring you with her, she will adopt you. We had a Himmie sister who came before us that Mom misses very much! She looked just like you. She is very serious about this.

Daisy said...

Goma, you are a very talented boid hunter!

Rachel said...

Goma has great hunting skills! I will have to find a toy like that for my kitties, too!

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