Goma Showing Off His Big Paw!!

Goma has a big paws! Sometimes it is so big that makes me wonder if Goma will grow even bigger!? This is his old card box house I made for him. I know it is ghetto compare to the new upgraded kitty house but he sometimes likes to stay there for some reason...so I can't really trash this...I really want to though...I am so excited about Saturday, Goma small screen debut!! Even it is few minutes I will still LOVE to see Goma on TV!! Ohh I can't wait!! SACHIE: I do I do!! I love your paws!!!! You are such a big pawed handsome mancat!!!!
GOMA: Gud, cuz u no can not has it!!! It iz minez!!
SACHIE: Goma! I told you it is important to share!
GOMA: Okay, u can borrow it ip u want.
SACHIE: Oh Thank you Goma!!


Sweet Praline said...

I love your big paw, Goma. That is truly a mancat paw.

I can't wait to see you on TV Saturday night. Mom said she is going to record it for me.

Patty Skypants said...

Bhu sez "Big Pawz iz GOOD! U Gotz good paws, Goma!" xxoo Patty

Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Goma, you're KILLING me with those BIG PAWS! Look at how he sticks it out like that, TEASING!

I don't know how you can not squeeze him to death, Sachie.

Mia and I are soooo looking foward to seeing him on TV Sat!

Anonymous said...

My kitty Tia has big paws also. They are fluffy white and look like marshmallows. She likes to chase my hand with them but she never uses her claws. She's a good kitty.

We've got the DVR set to record just waiting to see Goma!! :D

sweetnsuch said...

Goma is so beautiful you must take care of her very well
luv the big paws

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