Ninja Kitty Campain By Toyota

I am not so much of car commertial fan but this one I must share with you!! Because it is cat-astic!! Toyota corolla Australia came up with a campaign called The Getaway, which is packed with cat action toons and video The entire site is filled with very sleek Black and white comic illustrations along with great music! OMG! I wish Goma can be one of the cat ninjas!! man, cats are so cool!
This Tv spot is the best ever!! I was looking for a himalayan cat but I couldn't find it...well next time Toyoto better contact Goma to be the star on the show!! They did such a good job captureing the cat behaivior like stealing fishes etc... beautiful, beautiful job!


Cat said...

LOL! That's AWESOME! I love it. It would be much better if Goma were to star the commercial.

I know I told you I am going to bed but changed my mind when I saw your posting.

Oyasuminasai Gomachan and Sachan!

Love you both,

Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Kim: Wow! That is wild! I love that video!
Also, please come visit us today -- we have Anna and Zuzu and Gomabrother's family tree up!

Sweet Praline said...

That is a cool commercial! Goma and Praline should be stars of the next one!

Anonymous said...

I believe
The boss of Ninja-family will be
appeared at the last part of animation.

He has seal point long hair, and
a pair of beautiful "blue" eyes.

He must be ・・・・・ GOMA !!

To our regret,
this commercial is not on air in Japan.

by yoshiko.y

coffee fiend said...

Toyota's cashing in on the power of cuteness

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