Himalayan Cats In MA that need a home!

I received e-mail from Laura today saying breeder of her Himalayan lost her job and looking to place Blue Point female kitten and a male Cream Point kitten and a Seal Point male, 2 yrs old named Max. I would LOVE to take them but as you know I have such a small place...I can not have 2 cats!!! so if you are looking for Himalayan cats/kittens this is perfect opportunity to consider!! Please visit www.wordsworth1.com to find out more about those cats!! Please contact WORDSWORTH CATTERY(Pfilosa@aol.com )for inquiry!! Thanks for all your help!! Max, 2 year-old Himalayan(looks like GOMA!!) Blue Point Himalayan KittenMale cream point kitten


Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

The bottom 2 look like Anna and Zu!
I would LOVE to take one (or two, or three!) and if we didn't have Carter, I probably would -- but sadly, our house is just too small for any more cats AND a big German Shepherd.

I think I know who Pat is -- I think she used to run a rescue board for Himmies, which is where I found Little Girl (who was from Vermont like Goma, Anna and Zuzu by the way.)

I wish I could get one!
I would love to have a home like Suzette's, PACKED with big, fluffies. Until Carter mellows out some, at least another year or so, we just can't.

But I want ONE!!!

Sweet Praline said...

If Praline weren't 13 years old, I would definitely consider taking one, especially the blue point that looks like Anna and Zuzu. I just don't want to add that additional stress to a "senior" kitty. I hope nothing happens to Miss Praline anytime soon, but I know I want another Himmie again, and maybe (if the green papers are right, I will get two this time.

Patty Skypants said...

Oh they are so KEWT!! She must be very sad to have to give them away!

Daisy said...

I hope the kitties will find good Forever homes soon. Somebuddy would be very lucky to get one of these adorable kitties.

Fat Eric said...

Floof balls! Balls of floof! That is what those kitties are!

Thank you for visiting me, Goma! I will get my mum to post you some belly pics when she gets her act together.

Cat said...

That's so sad. I wish I could adopt them. Our house is already a zoo! But's a fun zoo.

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