Goma The Super Model Pictures—View It With Your Own Risk!!

!!WARNING!! If you have a history of stroke you might get an heart attack! View it with your own risk. Goma blog is not responsible for any incidents that occur during viewing those images including fainting, drooling and screaming.
LOL! Goma is really handsome cat, sometimes I do modeling photoshoot session with Goma just for fun. I tell him to look at camera and pose for me. Normally he doesn't care to listen to me but today he did!! It was unreal, I am completely smitten by his cuteness!!! His cuteness is the bomb!! Too powerful!(>_<)SACHIE: Too much!! I need a break!! I don't even know if can ever recover from this...

Visit Goma's sisters, Anna & Zuzu over at their fierce blog for their funny reaction to this Goma's super model photos!! SO FUNNY! Thanks Kim! xoxo!!

THIS IS EXCITING NEWS! Goma blog has been nominated for the Cat blog of the month by thecatsite.com!!! This is too much honor and thank you Anne for nominating us!! In order to be the cat blog of the month, I need your help voting for Goma at thecatsite.com. You need to register in order to vote! The voting actually start in 2 weeks... I will remind it again when voting opens. Thank you so much for your support!! Goma says I CAN HAS TOO MUCH VOTEZ!!


Kim said...

That Goma, he too TOO MUCH!
It's a good thing he's not here as I think I would SQUISH him DEAD too cuz I hug him too hard!

Zuzu: No. You be carefuls with Brother!

We have surprise for you at our blog in a moment ... go see!

(He say he SEXY! That's funny because we always say Carter (the gogie) say
he's sexy.
I say: Carter, you don't even know what "sexy" means!
Carter: Yes I do.
Kim: Then what does it mean?
Carter: Sexy.

He doesn't know :)


Oh sorry Kim...I guess the warning was not loud and big enough...I died many many times doing this blog! man Goma is dangerous!!! So funny Anna and zuzu!! Goma: YOu is too muchz sister!! me want see u so badz!! we doo modelz together!!

Sachie: OMG that will be toooo way much for me to handle!! How many times you need to kill me!!!

Sweet Praline said...

Both Sweet Praline and Mom Paula have passed out on the floor!

Daisy said...

Goma, that is a lot of cuteness! You are an excellent model. I hope you get many, many, many delicious treats.

Patty Skypants said...

Mai mom holdz her facse and then faintz. "Iz tooooooo KEWT," she skweels. I agreez: U R Kewt! xxoo

La Gata Lola said...

OMG! You are the most beautiful cat model on Earth!
I love your photos! :)

Kisses and Purrs!

Cat said...

You should win! You both deserve it.

Cat said...

lol! Goma is too cute. I want to see him model more. I think he should be America's Next Top Model lol.

hedonistic said...

Oh no, Goma is too sexy!! He's a great danger to all females!

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