Goma Glamor Shots!! O.M.G

This is really dangerous!! I must warn you guys again...this might be too much for some people with heart conditions. Consult your doctor before you take a peek at this post!!!
I must admit, I love Glamor shots. It just make you look so pretty don't you think?? Even you have very bad skin and bad hair...it just doesn't matter, you will look like a Hollywood actress!! I always wanted to know how to take picture like Glamor shot... and I finally did!! It was just a little Photoshop trick!! lol! What do you think of Goma's Glamorshots?? OMG this is over the top fun!! Goma looks like one of those ladies and he is SEXY!!! watch out all the ladies! Goma will come get you grrr!!! lol. Let me know if you want me to make this as desktop wallpaper, I definitely have to do that for my computer!! lol!!
GOMA: I is dangerousz!! Meee is sexy mankatz!!
SACHIE: Goma...I just...can't....breath...this is too much...for me to...handle...All the ladie fans you have all gonna come after you now!!!
GOMA: Laddies can chase meee anytimez. Me know how to bite softly.
SACHIE: GOMA!!!! Where did you learn those things??? OMG, I feel like I gonna faint again...


Sweet Praline said...

Yes, Goma. You are one sexy mancat and you have this lady cat weak in her little paws! Purrrrrrrrr.

Patty Skypants said...

Bhu sez: "Goma, U got to stop this! Mai mom is gonna have heartz attak!"

Daisy said...


Cat said...

lol Sachan you're too much! That's super cute! I can't wait to see Goma in a beauty pageant.

Luv ya both!

Kim said...

Now I'm sorry, but this is TOO MUCH!
TOO TOO MUCH, Goma and Sachie!
I can't take it!

Sexy mankatz?!
Bite softly?!

I may have to call out sick to work tomorrow. I am completely overcome, light-headed and woozy with delight by all this SEXY GOMA-NESS!

Also: We got our Goma Buttons today!
Thank you, thank you!
SUPER SEXXXXAY Supermodel shot of Anna and Zuzu to follow -- must wait for good lighting tho!

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