You Can Has No Workz!!

Many of you might still remember the I am late for work again post I did a while back...well Goma is worse doing this every morning. Somehow he knows which shoes I am going to wear that day...and he will sit on it don't let go. So I often have to pick another shoes to work. Well, I love this converse shoes so much that I wear it almost everyday now...so naturally Goma start to obsess with it...maybe I should just buy his a baby chuck taylor. lol.SACHIE: Goma you are too much!
GOMA: You too much means!!
SACHIE: You know if I don't go to work, I can't buy you treats and anchovies!!!


Patty Skypants said...

Goma's lonely for you during the day. You should buy two pairs of every shoe you like, then he can have one and you can wear the others to work! xxoo Patty

P.S. Bhu is feeling MUCH better today, but we still don't know why he has been in such pain and unable to walk. Thank you, Sachie, for your wonderful good wishes and Goma's purrayers! xxoo

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love you and your cat GOMA! You crack me up!! LOVE IT! I check in every day for your Goma Tales!

Daisy said...

If Goma wants them, Goma should have them!

Something is very wrong with our Bloglines, and I see I have missed several of your posts this week. The Goma Flip Video is so cute!

Sweet Praline said...

Goma is just as spoiled as Praline! Whatever they want, they get. I saw a saying one day about you can tell when a cat owns the house because the cat is sitting on the sofa and the human is sitting on the floor. I can relate to that one.

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