GOVOTE 08— You Can Has Votez!!!

I am feeling politics lately....but the saddest part is that I don't have a right to vote. I know some American people don't even try or registered to vote. I think it is such a privilege to be able to participate for the future of America, and people should take full advantage of it!! Think about people who is here in the states but can not vote!! Please vote this 08 election I know Goma will!! GOVOTE 08!


Copito said...

GOMABA for president!!!


Dupey and Talulah said...

If you do not mind sharing, why do you not have the right to vote? Talulah & I were wondering! :)


hai Dupey and Talulah! yeah good qustion. well i am still japanese citizen i am here with skilled worker visa called h-1b visa!! that is why i can not vote!! but goma is american he can has votez!! lol.

Diya said...

Hi sachie..
First i want to say that I LOVE GOMA...he's cute cat!
2nd I'm from Indonesia living in TX right now...married with american ;p
so i cant vote same like you..lol
good job on the blog..luv it!

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