Sachie Meets Turtles!! Puerto Vallarta Mexico!

Sachie:Omg Goma, You dont know animal planet? We watch it on Tv all the time!!
Goma: Tv? dats not yummyz!!

This is my travel journal on Mexico Part 1. We went to turtle tour on Puerto vallarta and we saw mother turtle lay eggs on the beach and we released baby turtles to the sea!! It was one of my dream to see this since I was little. It was such a unbelivable experience I will never forget. It was so inspirational especially when i saw little baby turtle courageously walking towards the big sea...I feel like I should be like them in the real world. You know what I mean?? Anyway, these are some of the pictures I snapped on the beach!! ENJOY!
We are releasing baby turtles to the ocean!! yey!! Behind me is mother turtle just finish laying eggs. She is trying to hide her eggs there.Ohh, looks at those baby turtles!! So cute!!Close up of baby turtle, It pretended like it is swimming when I hold it!! So cute!This is baby aligator!! I went to this place rescue wild animals and release them after they are good to go. They breed aligator there and we saw about 50 baby aligators like this one!! So cute!I am touching an aligator!! OMG!!


Sweet Praline said...

Hi Goma - it is so good to see you again. You do like me and always have your front fur wet from eating, cleaning and drinking. I can't wait to see you on Animal Planet.

Sachie - that looks like so much fun and what a unique experience.

hedon said...

Thanks for sharing!! Goma is being modest :P

Sen and Tom said...

It looks like Goma-Chan is going to need some special "Animal Planet Treats"!

Those baby turtles are very cute!

Sen-Chan and Tom

Patty Skypants said...

Bhu sez he would not go to ocean because he does not like sand in his paws or on his butt. Okay, Bhu, don't worry, we won't take you to ocean. But he is very interested in turtles! Sachie, you look like you are having SO MUCH FUN on your adventure! We were lonely for you while you were gone and we are so glad you are back!! xxoo

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